How To Start a Senior Citizen Personal Care Home

Getting yourself into a business requires a lot of responsibility. One service for which there is a very high demand today is for the personal care of senior citizens. This market has grown steadily over the years as the baby boomers grew older and reached retirement age.

If you can tap this market and establish yourself as a personal care provider, you can have a very profitable enterprise. If you're interested in starting your own senior citizen personal care service, the following guidelines will help you:

  • Do some research. Just as with any other business, the smart thing to do before taking out loans and shelling out cash is to do your research. Make it a top priority to understand as much about your market as you can. Remember that you don't just have to target senior citizens in general. You can target senior citizens in a particular area, or senior citizens with a particular medical condition. For example: You could set up a senior citizen personal care home for seniors living in Florida who have Alzheimer's. Another example: Establish a senior citizen personal care home in Austin for handicapped war veterans. As you narrow down you target, your chance of succeeding in your venture increases. This is because the service that you offer will become more customized for that particular market, and that means that your prospective customers will be more responsive to your offer. Another smart thing to do is visit several Personal Care Homes (PHCs) in your area (if there are any). Make friends with everyone you meet, observe and interview the staff and the seniors. With the staff, ask questions about their routine, the compensation, and their biggest problems with their work. With the seniors, ask them about their personal stories, their experiences in the home, and their level of satisfaction with their current home. Since they are your prospective customers, they are the ones most qualified to tell you how you should run your future business.
  • Have a Business Plan. Just as it makes no sense to go hiking in the jungle without a map and a compass, it would make no sense for you to start this business without having a thoroughly prepared business plan. A business plan doesn't have to be long. In fact, many entrepreneurs favor a clear, concise one page business plan to one that rambles on for pages without making any clear point.
  • Licensing procedures. A state-sanctioned department such as the Department of Social Services will provide you with the licensing information requirements that you need to know. Keep in mind that every city and every state has different variations when it comes to licensing requirements, so be sure to contact your local state agency to get a copy of the requirements for your particular area. In most cases, you can simply download the proper forms from the department's official website.

Senior Citizen Personal Care Home is a twenty four-seven business. It takes an enormous amount of perseverance to initiate the project, to get it going, and keep it growing. But if you do the right preparation, the journey to success will be much easier and fulfilling.


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