How To Start a Small House Painting Business

You might be wondering about the requirements of starting a small business. It may be something you might have always been dreaming of or something that might be a business that goes along with what you love. Now you want to start a painting business and you are thinking of where to begin and what should be done before starting one.  You can follow this guide on how you can start a business painting houses.

  • Before starting on anything, you must get the tools required for the business. Since you are starting a house painting business, you should include these: ladders, extension poles, fabric drop cloths/ plastic drop cloths, buckets, rollers of different sizes, brushes, painter's tape, and coveralls. These are the basic stuff you will need to start off with your business. If you will be purchasing tools from a certain local paint store or hardware shop, you might want to take a line of credit with that shop. This will help you with purchasing of materials much faster and easier, it can also help you in tracking your expenses much easier. Some shops even offer a small discount for those with a tab. The credit line may also help you when you are short on cash.
  • You might consider buying a van or truck that can haul up your equipment from one work site to another. But make sure you can depend on it. It doesn't need to be brand new. You might consider taking a loan for this one and keep all the receipts for any tax purchases, as the receipts might be used for a deduction from your partial tax. For information on placing decals for advertising, contact the licensing office at your city or state, if you still need a license or commercial tag for the decals.
  • Now decide on the name. Since this is a small house painting business, you should keep it as simple as it can be. Now for references, you can use prior references, and those whom you have done a paint job before. Many of your clients might require references, and those satisfied customers from the past can be a good assurance for your own business.
  • Secure any licenses you may need for your business from permits, worker's compensation, including the liability insurances. Business license for permission to start your business. State workers compensation to determine the amount of pay for your workers and how many you will be hiring. And the insurance for any accident that may occur with your business.
  • Hire workers as many as you might need. This can help you select your most attractive candidates, set up interviews, run background checks and everyone sign a release to take to the police station for a nominal fee.
  • Set up an office. Depending on your preference it can be a home office, you can rent a space or build one for the office. Secure anything that you might need for the business from filings, billings and for scheduling incoming jobs.
  • Advertise your business. You can put up advertisements on the local newspaper or radio stations. You can also use fliers or mail ads to prospective clients. Keep business cards handy to hand it out to your family and friends. State the specialization of your painting and other assurances for your business such as liability insurance and references.


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