How To Start a Teen Dance Club

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Teens love to gather in places where they can party and hang out. Usually, the locations are malls, bars and restaurants.  Why build a club exclusively for teens? Running a club specifically for teens isn't just fun for the owner, but it also gives you access to a demographic with plenty of disposable income. If you want to manage this type of business, consider the following guidelines.

Look for sources of startup capital for your business. Every business needs money for it to get started. You can go to a bank and apply for business loans or ask your relatives and friends for some help in funding the business. If you can find someone who can invest money to start your business, that's even better.

Look for a good location where you can start a club business. The location must be clean and can be accessed easily by teens. Building a club where teens hang around a lot will be good. Check your community for ideal places.

Building a club near a school is prohibited in most jurisdictions. You will be punished by the law if you do this.

Select a theme for your club. Pick a good theme or design for your club. Feature local bands, which can attract customers. Teens easily get bored if the club does same routine everyday, so try reshuffling the events. For example, you can have pop during Mondays, punk rock on Tuesdays, and so on. If you want to imitate the events that happen in clubs for grownups, try scouting to see if acts that play on grownup clubs can also come over to yours.

Apply for a business permit and insurance for your club. Insurance is an important aspect of any business. Accidents can happen at any time, and you want to be covered in the event that this happens. The insurance policy should also include workers' compensation and liability. There are different kinds of insurance so it's best to consult with an insurance agent for the best plan and policy for your business. Pay the amount needed to receive the business permit and the insurance.

Hire employees and staff for your club. Your employees must be patient, because teenagers are often demanding. Mature staff is needed because your customers may not always act in reasonable ways.

A friendly atmosphere is also important to set the mood of the customers. Former school workers or community center workers will be good for a job like this, because they can help resolve problems easily. They encounter it all the time due to their previous working experience. Also, you will need to hire a disc jockey who can help spice up the mood with great music mixes. Be sure to play modern, popular tunes. Chart-toppers are popular among teens.

Advertise your teen dance club. Get your club online. Join social networks. Teens love going online, and can help spread the word throughout their networks.

Running a dance club for teens can be a lucrative business. You are tapping into a young market that will eventually have more purchasing power, as they mature into young adults.


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