How To Start a Travel Agency Business

Are you looking for new business opportunities? If you’re interested in tours and travels, it might be a good idea to start a business that has something to do with your passion. Here are some of the things to remember if you want to start a travel agency business: 

  1. Consider franchising for some established travel agencies. It might be easier for you if you don’t start your business from scratch. Know that there are many travel agencies that are looking for interested franchisees. It usually works this way: if you sign up to be a franchisee, you could operate your business even from your own home, take calls, book reservations, and then coordinate with your home travel agency. Franchise packages usually include the systems and the software, and operations training. 
  2. Obtain training in pertinent booking systems. You might need to have training in booking systems such as Amadeus, Sabre and Patheo in order to effectively book reservations in major airlines. That’s why it’s best that you have had previous experience as an employee at a travel agency before you could start your own.
  3. Obtain business licenses. Call up your local government to find out what type of licenses and permits you’d need to obtain. You would also need to create your own business plan, especially if you are starting your own business from scratch. Here are some great tips to create your own business plan.
  4. Start small. This is the best advice specially if you are just starting from scratch. It’s best that you stick to offering travel packages first to specific tourist destinations at your region. This will make coordination with hotels, etc, much easier. As you expand your business and get more experience with arranging travels and tours packages, you would be more equipped to expanding your business so you could offer tours to foreign destinations.
  5. Contact airlines for possible promos. Your selling points are great rates and inexpensive packages. You could contact airlines representatives and find out how you could obtain inexpensive rates that you could offer to your prospective clients. Of course, expect that part of your agreement could be that you will exclusively refer their airline to all potential customers.
  6. Create a website. It’s very important that you publicize your travel agency so that people will know about it. One of the first things you could do towards this is to create an official website. Advertise your rates and packages and include pictures of your offered travel destinations.
  7. Offer travel packages. In this age when there are really a lot of travel agencies around, you’d have to gain an edge over the competition. You could choose to cater to a specific target market, such as families or schoolchildren (for their field trips), and then design your travel packages around your target market.

There you have it! These are some great tips to help you start a travel agency business. As with most other business, this would really entail much preparation and resourcefulness. Knowing how to communicate with people well is a definite plus, too. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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