How To Start a Uniform Retail Store

The clothing business today is among the best-performing businesses because clothes are a basic need for every human being. A clothing shop owner just has to know what age group for which occasion they would want to cater to. Nowadays, a lot of industries make use of uniforms, such as restaurants, the military and the medical industry. Uniforms are also widely used in private high school and elementary schools. So if you decide to put up a clothing store that will surely sell, put up a uniform retail store. Here are the steps on how to start one.

  1. Get hold of an employee identification number (EIN). You can either have the option of calling or by visiting the IRS personally to fill out the EIN form.
  2. You must then get in touch with the revenue department of your state. You have to register to be able to remit taxes. Remember that a lot of states have their own websites where you can fill out and file the registration forms you need.
  3. Just like any other business, you must have a formal business plan. You should have it written down to the last detail of your uniform retail store. Majority of banks and lending institutions will usually require you to submit a detailed plan of your business before permitting you to get a loan which you can use as capital. In the business plan, the kind of uniform you are going to sell should be indicated. You must also specify if you can ship or transport orders. Make sure that you get every other detail noted.
  4. Find your source of capital and get hold of insurance. Go to the bank or any lending institutions to file for your applications for a loan. Also contact insurance companies within your area. Purchase various insurances that will be appropriate for your business and its employees.
  5. Find a good location for your store where people are sure to visit. You may get help from a broker or a highly regarded real estate broker.
  6. Have your store inspected by someone from the zoning code commission. This is so that the authorities can determine if the location or the property of your business is in proper conformity with local law.
  7. Put together an inventory. At this point, you should buy all the equipment you need for this kind of business. You may then open your business up for employment. Post ads of job openings.
  8. Your next concern is how to promote your business. You can begin by building a website which contains pictures, videos, the store's contact information and location. You may also have the option of putting up a forum or a message board on this website you will be creating.

Try to get in touch with institutions that require uniforms. Get contacts from within hospitals, schools, military establishments, and the like. You can also find clients from among sports and athletic teams, which often require new sets of uniforms for special events.


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