How To Start a Unique Business Styling Children's Hair

Starting a unique business is a challenge for everyone. The basic business challenges facing any new business are difficult enough; in any industry that involves children, the competition is particularly brutal and the margins for error are slim.

And yet, the rewards that go to successful businesses make it all worth the trouble.

A hair cutting business for kids may be profitable if you offer good service to your customers. If you like being around children, get along with them, and have a flair for styling hair, this business might even be easy for you to manage.

Here are some tips on how to start a unique business styling children's hair.

  • Design your haircut and hairstyling establishment with things that children enjoy. Setting up colorful decorations at your place will make it nice looking and the children will not be bored when they are being serviced. Try being creative in designing so you can catch the attention of your customers. Try to change the barber chair with kids' rides like toy cars, to help make them more relaxed. Fun, upbeat music for kids can be played in the background so the kids will be happy.
  • Fill your waiting room with kid related items Kids are notorious for their short attention span so keep them entertained with toys and children books full of pictures. Also install a television set so both parents and children can watch a movie while waiting. You can also give them treats like lollipops and free toys.
  • Hire employees who can understand kids well. Hairdressers that not only know haircutting but also know how to handle kids are absolutely critical to the success of your business. A child's behavior can change quickly if he struggles or gets angry. The staff may offer cookies and drinks for waiting kids and toys. An employee must know how to talk to the kids nicely so they can cooperate with the service.
  • Offer other services aside from hair cutting to be more unique. Create a new hair style aside from the original ones to attract more customers. You can also offer a new hair cut photo to the parents. At the reception booth, you can sell different kinds of items to waiting customers. The products could be stuff that children can enjoy, like toys and hair care products for kids. Food products are also good for waiting parents. Other services do not only make extra income for you, but also distinguish your hair cutting business from others.
  • Locate a place where you can establish your business. You can scout the area to see a proper location for your new business. Malls or other places that children's can be seen like day care centers and schools could be your choices. The place must be easy to be accessed so parents can go there with ease.
  • Do some advertising. There are many ways of marketing a hair cutting business. You can go to malls or schools and distribute flyers and posters to people. You can also give discount cards or gift certificates to your customers. You can also offer free haircut rewards to children who frequently go to your place for hair styling or cuts.


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