How To Start a Website for Your New Business

As you perhaps have learned, there is great opportunity for business growth on the Internet, and because of this, a lot of people have become instant entrepreneurs online. And why not? The market here is wide, varied and very accessible.  In fact, most businesses and service oriented companies may already have a website to cater to the online market.

Setting up a business online is actually very simple. Below are ways you can do to start your own website:

1.      Get your very own domain name. This is essentially what you want to name your site, such as "". Think of it as an online registration of your business name.

2.      Choose a reliable registrar for your domain name. There are several domain registration sites online, with each company offering really competitive rates. Take note that domain registration requires annual fees.

3.      When you have registered your domain name, getting your own web host is next. This is basically where your site is housed and where you control everything that you want to put on the Internet. Most domain registrants also offer web-hosting service as part of the package.  It will be best therefore to inquire about this and ask your chosen domain company. Web hosting fees depend on whatever features you want to get for your site. These may be paid monthly, semi-annually or annually, depending on what is most convenient for you.

4.      After all of this is set up, the next step is to design your web page. For a more professional look, it is a good idea to hire an actual web designer to do this, as designing a website requires good eye for details and above-average computer skills. Define to your web designer your vision for your site. Or request some samples from them, so you can see what the designers can do for you. Designers usually charge between $200 to $600 for their work.

But if you have budget constraints or know a little web designing, you may want to do yourself. Your web host will usually provide you with the tools for this.  You can also make use of free editors such as the Dreamweaver application. Look into this tutorial for learning how to use Dreamweaver:  How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver CS4 (Dreamweaver Tutorial)

You will basically need the following for your business website:

  • A homepage or landing page where possible clients must first get to when they visit or type in your web address.
  • An About Us Page describing what your company is all about and what type of business or service you offer.
  • A gallery of products, samples or your portfolio, so that your customers can see what you're offering.
  • A contact page for your customers and clients to send you feedback or reach you online.
  • A good merchant service system, such as Paypal, which you will need if you will be accepting online payments.

To further enhance your site, you may also include a news page, a blog page or any other interactive applications that will help you foster good relationships with your intended clients.

5.      After designing the site, the next step is to test this online by choosing to announce your site to a select few. Test for kinks, check if the site has proper navigation and gather feedback from these selected users.

When all is well, you are now ready to "go live" and do business online!


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