How To Start a Welding Contractor Business

Everyone wants to be his own boss and it's not so bad either. When you want to start a business there are always a few things you need to do to get things done. It's always easy to start but it's never easy to maintain something that you have started. 

Homeowners usually rent a Welding Contractor Business nowadays and if you've got the skills and the knowledge, you can start being your own boss. But always remember, that every business needs very serious and careful planning to make them successful. Here are some tips for those of you who are interested in putting up a Welding Contractor Business:

Get your certificate - Now it would be common sense to assume that you know this already if you're trying to put up a business but it's always good to be safe. Welding is very hard work and because of that, you need to study about it. There are a lot of accredited schools that offer training programs for welders.

Get your license - Just like driving, you need to have your welder's license, too. Go to the nearest licensing office and apply for one. Laws are different for every state, and they will usually prioritize anyone with previous related work experience. The licensing fee ranges from $200-$400 but you also get in touch with your state board to make sure you bring all the requirements they need.

Get some experience first - After school, you should test your skills by working as a mobile welder. You will get to keep more money because you will be able to learn a lot of things that you missed at school. An important part of this is that you can use the tools provided by the company that you are working for saving you a lot of overhead. When you think it's time to start an enterprise of your own and you have the money for it, then go for it.

Get insured - It's always safe to have you purchase a welder's insurance. Welding is not an easy job. Most of your work will be "on site" and there are many accidents that could happen.  You are going to require a minimum $290,000 for your liability. If you are going to have employees, you need to secure compensation insurance as well. If you want to know more about this then please research about Traveler's Insurance.

Buy must-have tools and safety equipments - Of course you need to buy the tools needed for your business. Assuming that you've followed these tips, then you must already know what tools you'll need. Here are a few examples: abrasives,  power tools, plasma cutters, cylinders, stick welders, tig welders, mig welders, welding helmets, respirator helmets, welding blankets, turntables, welding goggles, welding clamps, ground clamps, fume extractor, cable connectors, hoists, and of course, protective clothing.

Buy your company van - As welders you need a vehicle to get around. You usually do your work on-site so you need a van to get to the customer and bring all the tools needed for the job. It's also nice to get the word out on the street using your van. Try to come up with a unique name so people will remember.

It's always hard to start a business but once you've gotten the hang of it you will surely start to love being the "boss."


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