How To Start an Animation Company

The animation industry is thriving these days. A lot of movies are currently being produced in 3D. The latest video games all have stunning graphics. Even the special effects on TV are really good. If you are determined to get into the animation industry by opening your own animation company, you have to remember a few basic things.

First, you have to learn all you can about animation. You may be as talented as the guys in Pixar, but starting a business requires more than just raw talent. Start researching on the different types of animation being produced these days. What would be the most suitable for you? You may be interested in gaming animation, but you have to consider the competition. Think positively but realistically.

Consider your market. Maybe in your area, many people are looking for video editors. Then, it would be advisable for your company to specialize in video editing. A sure stream of customers is the most important thing in any business. Expand your connections first, and gain more experience to get a hang of what the animation business is like. Once you've succeeded in making a name out of your company, then you can start thinking about venturing into bigger projects.

Hire the right kind of people. You should also think about the staff you hire. They should have at least a working knowledge of basic animation and must be willing to learn. Training them before starting your company would be a good idea. Your crew should be adept in your chosen field of animation.  However, it would be advantageous if they learn different forms of animation as well, so that when a client wants something else, you would still be able to provide it. Start small. A group of two to three, excluding you, is a good start for your animation company.

Invest in good equipment. These include high performance desktops with dedicated graphics, a bundle of animation software, art supplies, sound and lighting equipment, and the like. Your equipment usually depends on what services your company has to offer. For example, if your company creates cartoons, better focus on drawing software, such as Toon Boom. You can purchase a tablet which you can use to draw electronically, or you could always draw the traditional way.

Take care of legal matters. A business license, professional liability insurance and commercial property insurance are just some of the things that you have to acquire.   

Promote. Once you have started your company, it is time to start promoting your services. Answer ads looking for animation services. Remember, you have to build your contacts first. Place ads on the newspapers and the internet, or better yet, create your own website featuring some of your company's services. Place a demo or sample of what your company is capable of. You need to impress potential customers. Some people look for testimonials and a seal of approval before availing of services on the net. Make sure that you make the most out of every assignment, so that you'll get good feedback from your clients, which will boost your popularity.

Other animation firms go to big companies seeking employment, especially those that produce animated cartoons. However, these big companies are hard to impress, since they already have successful animation teams working for them. Originality is the key here, not necessarily talent.

Starting any business is not easy. There are lots of things to consider and many risks to take. The startup capital also costs a lot. However, with enough determination, you can and will succeed. Good luck in your business venture into animation.


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