How To Start an Appliance Delivery and Setup Business

Some appliances, like the television and fridge, are too big to be brought home from the store. After buying these appliances, most people pay extra to have them delivered and set up at their homes. You can actually make a business out of this. Here are a few simple steps to begin an appliance delivery and setup business.

First, you have to study appliances. In this business, you will surround yourself with appliances. Learning how to use and properly handle them is essential. Customers cannot trust people who know nothing about what they're delivering to deliver their purchases. Also, you will need to learn how to set up different appliances.

Next step is to rent or purchase a delivery truck. If you do not have your own truck, it is now time to get one. Although you may prefer to rent trucks, this is only advisable when you're just starting the business. You should be providing the delivery service, not availing of one.

Buy tools. When you enter someone's home, you can't expect them to have the necessary tools to set up their appliances. You have to bring tools with you. Some common tools to bring would be cutters, wrenches, hammers and drills.

Hire manpower. You can't do this alone. For starters, hire two to three people, at least two people for delivery and one or two left in the office to take phone calls.  Preferably, hire strong, physically fit men. Most of the appliances you would be delivering are big and bulky. A hand truck is a must for every delivery.

Take care of legal matters. Acquire a business license. Get insurance. Study and follow all applicable policies and regulations in your area.

Start delivering. The easiest way to start would be to partner up with appliance stores or retailers. They sell appliances. You bring them to the customers. Most online stores depend on courier services like UPS to deliver their products. If you offer your services at better rates while still ensuring quality delivery, they may consider hiring you instead. Partnering up would help give you a steady flow of income and ensure that your business does not go under.

Advertise. After acquiring stable partnerships with different appliance retailers, the next step to consider is to cater to individual people's needs. Post advertisements on the newspapers and on the internet about your delivery and setup service. Include the partnerships you have to prove that you are a legitimate service. Your target market would be people who need help setting up their appliances and people who want to deliver appliances from one place to another.

Once business starts to bloom, you may need to consider hiring more manpower and expanding your business. If it doesn't, then you may need to revise your marketing strategy or improve the quality of your service. Remember, your business is all about service. Focus on this. Fast, efficient service is what you should aim for. It is easier to get people to hire you when you have already proven that you are a trusted and reliable company.


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