How To Start an Asphalt Paving Business

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Asphalt is a type of cement that is made up of small bits of oil and rocks that are emulsified in various ways. Asphalt is normally used on driveways, roads and the like. A business in asphalt paving is a lucrative business these days, as more and more people are switching to asphalt driveways as they are stronger than concrete, especially in the winter. With this in mind, there are several things you need when starting your business as driveway and road paving contractors.

Before you start, you should know that having some sort of formal education is a plus in any business venture.  This doesn't need to be a full-blown degree; even a few courses can give you a deeper understanding of how to run your business efficiently and profitably.  Click here to find out how to sign up for classes with a great online business school.

  1. Resources. As it is unlikely that you will be able to make enough asphalt for your own use, it is suggested that you find yourself an asphalt supplier with reasonable prices. For this, you will need bitumen, which is a binding agent, and asphalt aggregates. You may get these ready-mixed, which are more expensive and are bought from asphalt mixing plants, or as separate entities. There are many different kinds of asphalt mixes for driveway seal coating and seal coating in general.
  2. Equipment. For an asphalt paving business, you need several pieces of equipment. The first of these would be an asphalt mixer. If you want to save on hiring people mixing the asphalt for you, then you should get an asphalt mixer. The asphalt mixer mixes the aggregates and the bitumen together, preventing them from sealing. Another piece of equipment you need is a roller. A roller is the unit that compacts the asphalt after it has been laid, so it lasts longer. There are many variations of rollers to choose from, however, for asphalt, a double-drum smooth ride-on roller is recommended. If you are going to get a roller and you have hot asphalt, then pour water on the rollers to prevent them from sticking. Although brand new models are expensive, there are used and cheap rollers and mixers online and through your local auction houses.
  3. Manpower. You cannot possibly run an asphalt paving business on your own. For this, you need manpower. There are different types of people you should hire for the job, but it is recommended that you hire people with experience. A startup business is hard enough, but training them will be doubly hard and may cost you additional unintended liabilities. For the asphalt roller, get a person with a driver’s license, preferably one with an equipment operator’s license class 1. This ensures you that the person you will hire will be able to drive the machine and know basic repairs. It is, after all, quite embarrassing to have a machine break down in the middle of your job. You will also need to hire people who know how to operate the asphalt mixer and be able to do home repair. Although such pieces of equipment come with directions, you are better off with someone with experience. Another person to look for is a professional certified public accountant. As a new business, a lot of handshake deals are going on and you might not be able to keep track of everything. This is what an accountant is for. He can keep the cash flowing and pay your people the money on time. The accountant will also be able to help out with financial loans should you need them, being able to read through the fine print.

The last thing you will need is connections. And luck. Go to your state office and contact some professional contractors for jobs like parking lot striping or personal seal coating. Make some connections, file bids, and with luck, your asphalt paving business will be up and running.  Always keep an eye on what your competition is doing, and take regular courses in business management to keep yourself at the forefront of new technologies and innovations.


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