How To Start an Embroidered Bag Business

Every now and then people want to see their emotional side, their mood or their personality reflected in the things that they buy. More often than not they purchase things like shirts, blouses and bags that echo their personalities and idiosyncrasies. Bags for example, especially for women and girls; they spend a lot of their money on bags.

Aside from being a necessity for holding their personal things it also becomes a fashion statement and must complement their outfits. Maybe this is the reason behind why embroidered bag has become a very profitable business. Aside from offering a unique design that would surely attract customers it also showcases the creative talent of the designers.

Of course starting this kind of business is not hard, with the right planning, enough capital, and suitable location.


Capital is the fuel of your business. You will need money to purchase everything since you will start from scratch. If you need large capital you may opt to have someone become your business partner, or you may borrow money from some financing institute or have someone lend you the money. You can also use your savings. Your source can be a mix of those choices but it is always recommended to start small so as to minimize risks and also if you are just new to this kind of field.

Type of Store

Determine the type of store that you would set up. You may put up a small store outside your house, rent in a commercial area or make an online store. For neophytes it is recommended to start with an online store; aside from saving a lot of money for the rental charges you can also check your transactions anytime and anywhere you are, but remember to hire or create a good and user friendly website that can stand out from the rest of your competitors. Transforming the unused space or garage outside your home into a small store is also a good idea. You could also save from rental charges and also just a few steps away from your place.

Create a Business Plan

Putting everything in paper first makes you think, check and double check everything that you need in starting up a business. Planning will help you scrutinize every detail of your business thoroughly and study each aspect that will help you determine the right choice and make the right decisions. It will also give you the first insight of your business, your costs, your marketing plan and sales forecasts. It will also help you set goals for future expansions, anticipate problems that may come along the way as the business operates and set preventive measures or solutions for these problems.

Investing on the Right Machine

Machines that are being used for embroidery today come with software that can make you create designs in a more efficient way. You must invest in a kind of machine that could cope with your demands and also has the capability to upgrade for the latest software that might be available after some time.


Now that you have everything in place marketing your product is the toughest part. You must plan out different kinds of promotions for every season like Christmas season, Valentine's Day and so on to match the mood of your target market. Also you can try out the opportunities by promoting your product to companies and schools.


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