How To Start an Employment Agency Business

Have you ever wanted to run your own employment agency business and didn't know where to start? Don't worry. This kind of business is a very stable one, once you have established your presence.

Whether the demand for employees is high or low, you will earn from each situation. For example, at times that the job demand is high, employers will pay you to help them find a worker or an employee. When demand is low, the people will pay you to find them a job they can be employed with.  You will never lose clients!

As simple as any other business, you can start employment agencies the same way. To help you along the way, you can follow this guide on how to start an employment agency business.

  • Make a business plan on how you will launch your employment agency business. Try to include in your business plan the services that your agency will be providing and what those services will cover. Making a business plan will make it easy for you to look for a way to finance the needs of your business. You can look for templates across the internet on how to write business plans. After making one, print it out so that it can be presented to any small business grants or loans you will try to apply for.
  • Look for a stable source of your businesses financial needs. You should also add the estimation of the money you will need to start your business. This amount should be added to your finances, and be added onto the outline of your business plans.
  • A small business loan may be needed to fulfill your business funds but it can be your last resort. Small business grants may be available in your area, and you can go for that instead. Before borrowing money, check if there are available grants or other possible sources for financing your business. The grants may provide you a good amount of financing for your business that can reduce the amount you need to borrow to little or none at all.
  • Now, select a suitable and easily accessible location for your clients that will be your office space. Strategically placing your office in a place that is more visible to possible clients will help you in advertising your services. By doing so you can save on advertising costs. Your physical location itself can help people find you.
  • Advertise. As a starter, you need to let people know that you are starting an employment agency business. You have to get a nice marketing strategy for your business so that you are sure to spread the word about your new employment agency. Brochures, newspapers, and business cards will do. If you have a larger budget, you can go for radio advertisements.
  • Now for your workers, pre-screen all workers you are going to hire and file their resumes. You would want to pre-screen your workers as many potential employers will appreciate it. This will save them the trouble and time in screening the workers themselves.
  • You can let employees register for free so that it can attract you more potential workers. You can charge them after being hired instead. You can then charge a registration fee for employers instead.


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