How To Start an Escort Business

Out-of-town visitors to major metropolitan areas often find themselves at a loss when the business day is done and they would like to see the town, but hate dining alone.  You can meet the social needs of these visitors, as well as those who live right in the area, by starting an escort business.

In order to make the business as lucrative as possible, you want your escort business to be viewed as professionally as possible, so take the effort to build a stable of escorts who are knowledgeable, witty, personable and friendly; this way, you will never want for clients.  You should also make sure you're well-informed on the practicalities of running a business.  Since many of the same principles apply to any business, you can learn what you need to know by taking business classes online.

Starting an escort business requires a business license and a business address that includes an office and receptionist on staff.  If you want to be taken seriously in the escort business, don't try to go it on the cheap by working out of your home, which doesn't look as legitimate or professional as operating out of an office.

Decide if you want to establish a niche, such as female escorts for heterosexual men, male escorts for heterosexual women, or homosexual and lesbian escorts for homosexual and lesbian clients.

Advertise for escorts in local community newspapers, collegiate newspapers and even online and look for fresh, enthusiastic and young escorts.  It's essential to do a background check on prospective escorts to make sure they are drug and crime free as your reputation depends upon it.  Once an applicant is hired by your escort business, they should receive a written handbook spelling out what is expected of them as an escort and how to handle any problem situations with clients that may develop.

To protect yourself legally, have an attorney draft a waiver that each escort signs, stipulating that they agree to abide by your rules and that they understand the expectations spelled out in the handbook.

Advertising is important in order to attract the right clientele, and this can be print ads in visitor publications, brochures at chamber of commerce offices or even a well-done website that introduces your agency to prospective clients, lists photos and short bios of each of your escort personnel.  Be sure that hotel personnel such as concierges know about your new escort business, as the bulk of most escort business comes from visitors to the area.

If you take your time building an escort business which offers clients the company of attractive and personable individuals, and you keep your company competitive by studying good business practices online, you will find your business enjoying lucrative sales in a very short amount of time.


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