How To Start an International Shipping Service

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In the last five hundred years, international trade has become a staple ingredient of economies all over the world. But because advanced communication technologies brought us the Internet, countries all over the world are moving towards global tie ups. It has become amazingly simple to buy and sell goods from the other side of the globe. Even countries belonging to different continents find it easier exchange products. Field and manufacturing specialization have caused an increase in the global demand to have the best. In line with this development, shipping services have given rise to the trouble free trade of goods. Markets have been eased of their yoke because international shipping has given rise to the faster and safer delivery of goods.   

If you are planning to start an international shipping service, there are many things that need your careful preparation and special attention. For one, you should know what type of shipping you want to get into. Another point to consider is what countries and places you want to cater to. After you have decided on the first two things, you then consider what shipping or airlines you want to use. Also, you have to make sure that for every port you want to reach, you have a good and reliable partner who can handle freight forwarding documents.  

  1. Type of shipping service - For this part of the equation, you should look into the type of service you want to provide. For example, if you want to go into container shipping, you have to make sure that you have the current rates. This is something that should be given careful thought because containerized cargo includes trucking service from the manufacturer's warehouse to vessel then to the port of destination and then to the final destination. In airfreight service, there are lesser charges for the trucking because airfreight cargo is smaller. But then, the fees for airfreight are far more expensive than shipping costs.
  2. Places to cater - When planning an international shipping service, one of the very essential things you must take into account is that you should have a partner or at least a reliable contact person or forwarder in the country you plan to send goods to. For this, forwarding and logistics federations or organizations can be contacted through the Internet. Look into the history of the company you want to tie up with before even considering them as a partner. Also, most freight forwarding businesses use local brokerage services to ease pressure on their backs. Consider looking for a brokerage service in your base area. Again, you should consider brokerage quotes and history when choosing this. 
  3. Shipping or air freight. When you have set the first two parts of the equation up, you then check offers and rates that shipping and air lines can give you. Most shipping lines give discounts if you can meet their volume requirement. 
  4. Documentation - For documentation, you should be careful about having complete and proper documents so that your cargo does not have any problems when it reaches the port of destination. 

There is nothing like being your own boss and being the head of a business that reaches international levels. But before you dive in and start an international shipping business, make sure you have all your t's crossed and your i's dotted.


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