How To Start an Organic Food Store

As more people are becoming aware of the dangers associated with processed foods, they are turning to a more organic diet.  An organic food store is the optimal place to obtain a variety of fresh, wholesome foods in a "one-stop" atmosphere.

To begin, create a business plan that covers all your goals for the business.  Lay out in great detail everything that you wish to provide your customers, where you plan to obtain the product, and how you will finance the project.  Set sales goals and create marketing strategies.  Use this business plan to obtain further financing, if it's needed.

File for all necessary licenses and permits.  Make sure that you apply for a fictitious name, an often-overlooked but necessary procedure.  If you are going to produce any organic products apply for and get your FDA certification for organic products.  If you are only going to sell end products (already produced or grown) you will not have to worry about that step.

Next, you will need to establish suppliers.  It is very important that the vendors meet all of the organic product qualifications.  "Fresh" does not always translate into "Organic", and you do not want to promote a totally organic store and not provide genuine organic product.  

Find an appropriate storefront and make sure that it meets or exceeds all standards which are required to sell organic foods.  This may include inspections by the local or state health department, as well as an inspection from the FDA.

Market your store to the fullest extent that you can.  Promote health and well being as a key point to using your product and make sure everyone knows your specials and specialties.  Once the word gets out that there is an organic store in the area you will be surprised how well your business will perform.

Use your marketing opportunities to promote a sale or to promote a new product.  Newsletters that are distributed with health tidbits are a great way to generate interest in your store. A person who is captivated by a story in your newsletter is more likely to search for the product being discussed.  With this in mind, always use stories about the benefits of a certain product that you specifically carry.

By maintaining your stock levels and offering quality food, providing excellent customer service, and promoting your business effectively you will have established a fine organic foods store.


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