How To Start and Finish Any Project

5 Steps to Get It Done

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Do you have a project you have been meaning to complete? Either you have started, and are having difficulty finishing it up, or it is so overwhelming you might not have started it.

Here are some steps to get you going.

  1. Begin immediately. Even right smack in the middle of reading this article! You can make some notes. What is it? What do I need to complete this or get started? Schedule a start and finish day. Call someone up, and ask for help. Do something right now!
  2. Do something every day on your project. It really does not matter how much you do unless you are under a deadline. What is important is consistency. If your project were to walk across America, as long as you walked a little each day, sooner or later (probably later in this case), you would reach your goal. Small steps are just as good as big steps.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. You can ask someone to be your team partner. This person's part is to keep you on track. Knowing someone is going to call you and ask how you did today is a huge motivator! No one likes to mumble a lame excuse for procrastinating! Keep track of your project in your journal. This is a great self-motivation tool. When you are finished, you will take pride in being able to read back at a later date and saying, "Yes I remember that project!"
  4. Find a partner to help you! This can be emotional support as above or it might be actual physical help as in a paid helper. Say you wanted to paint your house, but wanted to do it yourself for financial reasons, or that you simply want to do it yourself! However, it might be a little intimidating! Find a friend, or a handyman, or a temporary worker and pay him to help you. This takes a lot of the load off your shoulders and provides accountability as well. And last...
  5. Schedule your time. I cannot impress upon you how utilizing a simple calendar can make such a difference in how much you get done. We tend to spend our time on minor things in life and let the major ones go. Big mistake! Using a calendar allows you to follow a set schedule that arranges your day so you can find the time to complete all (or most anyway) of the projects you want to do.
  6. And last - I know I said 5 steps, but this is an extra one for you! Think about this. If your project is one that you truly do not want to do, look at it carefully and make sure it is something you HAVE to do. You might find it would take too much energy from you to complete, and you then must let it go! Either have someone else complete it, or decide intentionally not to do it, nor worry about it. That is your choice!


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