How To Start Learning the Computer

Those that have learned to get by without technology will find computers to be very complicated at first. Using a computer without the proper guidance can probably turn one into a technophobe. On the other hand, if one were able to get proper training and learning experience from using the computer properly, the result would be very rewarding.

Here are some tips to learning how to use the computer:

1.    First off, you have to understand your machine. You do not necessarily have to know the technical side of it. You do not have to become a computer geek. You just need to know what the parts and basic uses are. A computer machine is basically comprised of the following:

  • Monitor or screen. This is like a TV screen that shows you what you are working on.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) or simply, the computer. This is what houses all of your data and is essentially the brain of your machine.
  • Keyboards. If you have been used to a typewriter, the keyboard is almost similar to it, except that it comes with a few other buttons such as the delete button, the enter button, the function keys, among others.
  • Mouse. It may take some time getting used to the mouse and some practice is in order. Eventually however, you will get the hang of the clicking and pointing. The mouse will make using the computer really easier to navigate.

2.    The next thing you must do is to learn how to access an email account. Almost anyone who has a computer now communicates using an email. Families, old friends, business contacts all use this to get by on the Internet. Get help from a family member to assist you in setting up an account.  You can get a free email account from such services like Gmail or Yahoo. When you eventually get the hang of this free service, you may even explore some of the other features they offer such as the Instant Messaging account, which is another way to communicate with family and friends online.

3.    You should learn how to actually utilize the Internet to the fullest, as this is not just a tool for your email. With it, you can visit websites of interest, do your researches, read the news, participate in communities, find old friends and relatives, play some games, do business, and many more. The Internet is virtually an alternate world where you can do so many things.

4.    Familiarize yourself with the other programs installed on your computer. This will probably include office tools such as a word processor or a spreadsheet and data processor. These tools are especially helpful when it comes to automating and making your work more efficient. Basic classes for learning these programs are available at computer schools or even online, so you may consider enrolling to improve your skills.

Eventually, and as you become more computer savvy, you will soon come to realize how valuable and useful your computer is and how much it will make your life easier.


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