How To Start Your Own Hair Salon

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If you feel that working in a hair salon is not good enough for you, and you want to start your own hair salon, then here's how to take the first steps to make sure you have a profitable entrepreneurship:

  1. Enroll in a training school. Entrepreneurship is a learning process. What you have learned in your work as a hair salon staff member may not be enough. Hairstyles, hair extensions, hair products and other beautifying elements are constantly being upgraded, or simply get out of date. The process and machines for straightening, curling and coloring hair are not what they used to be. In a training school, you will find out that what you have been doing before is not the proper way to do it. Normally, in hair salons, the beauticians are left to their known process, the management not correcting them unless there is a complaint. Well, in a training school, what you will be doing is recognized and corrected.
  2. Pick a location. It is important to have a strategic location since this is where you will get your crowd. It depends on you if you want to pick a commercial or residential area, with a commercial area being more expensive, of course. Furthermore, competition is tighter in a commercial location than residential.
  3. Find your suppliers. It is good to have contacts in a business. If you don't have any to begin with, then start creating one. You can check with directories or browse the Internet. Be smart and cautious. Take your time in comparing prices and make sure that the chemicals you will be getting are original ones, not fake. Also, don't focus in your area alone.
  4. Hire your staff. Hair care is a sensitive task. The reason why people, especially women go to beauty salons is because they want to look better, which is why hiring well-trained personnel is a must.
  5. Process legal documents. To avoid legal problems in the future, start settling your legal documents like licenses, registrations, taxes, insurances, etc.
  6. Make a price list. Let your costumers know what and how much your services are. You can place it inside and outside the salon. As an opening promo, post a discounted price or add freebies. For example, hair rebond comes with a free haircut.
  7. Always maintain customer satisfaction. You can have regulars coming to your salon as long as they are satisfied not only with your services but with the place. A clean and friendly ambiance helps customers feel comfortable.  An amiable staff is also good to have. 

The best hair salons come from Chicago and New York. In NYC, according to Elle, Allure, Vogue and other sources, John Barrett Salon is the top salon where celebrities go to. For a price, John Barrett himself does the haircut and styles of some of the famous celebrities. Maybe in a few more years, you can be as sought after as he is.


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