How To Have Your Own Successful Tutoring Business

Starting a Successful Business as a Tutor

Did you know that tutoring and the supplemental education market has exploded throughout the US and Europe in the last 5 years and Newsweek Magazine recently hailed tutoring services as "an exploding market!"?

Tutoring allows people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all degrees to have a wonderful career! You feel good about helping other people while you are earning an incredible hourly salary at the same time.

The advantages to having your own tutoring business is that you can grow at your own pace, work when you want, and work with whom you choose. Getting started is easy and usually has very low start up costs. If you have some type of guide or outline to follow you will surely be successful in setting up your own tutoring business.

  1. Is tutoring right for me? A tutoring business is an ideal career for moms, students, entrepreneurs or just about anyone who wants to own their own business and make the difference in a student’s learning career. Depending on the region, most tutors have the ability to earn anywhere from $40 - $70 dollars per hour.
  2. Where will I tutor? If you are a busy mom, then you can enjoy tutoring in your own home, at a local coffee house, at the student’s house or at a public library.
  3. How much out of session time can I expect to spend? Because you are a tutor and not a teacher, detailed lesson plans and hours of preparation are not necessary. A tutor's role in many ways is to explain and reinforce the lesson plans already outlined by the teacher. Another bonus is that tutors typically get to work with the students who truly wish to improve and are motivated to do better. Rarely do you have to deal with bratty kids or behavior problems.
  4. What start up costs are required? Advertising costs should remain minimal and will include small newspaper ads, flyers, possibly paying for a directory listing on the internet or on your city or county’s website. Some tutors choose to take it one step further and get their own website where they list their prices and give background information about themselves on their website.
  5. Where else can I find business? Teachers and schools are a great source of referrals and once they get to know you, they will refer you to parents and students. As challenges continue to grow in education, the need for a personalized tutor and education continues to grow. With many households having two working parents and the stress of day to day life, parents are happily paying tutors to work one-on-one with their children to ensure success in their academic studies.

Tutors who are enthusiastic about the subject they are tutoring will find they will succeed and have parents and teachers begging them to work with their students!


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