How To Throw a Candle Party Fundraiser

Holding a fundraiser is a good way to generate money for an organization, a community, a business, or for a good cause. All you have to do to make sure that the fundraiser will be a huge success is to think of a unique concept that will attract your guests. One concept that will surely be a big hit is by holding a candle party fundraiser. This article will discuss how to organize a candle party fundraiser successfully.

  1. Gather all the members of your organization and brainstorm. This is the biggest step that needs to be a accomplished to get you started. Organize a meeting with all the members of your organization and outline the goal, how much are you projecting to earn at the end of the candle party fundraiser, the budget, the venue, the food and beverage that will be served. Set a time line for each and every task to make sure that the candle party will run smoothly with no hurdles.
  2. Appoint the best man to accomplish the task at hand. Choose an overall program head or program coordinator. Then assign a committee for each task, like the budget committee, the food and drinks committee, the program committee, the advertising committee, etc., and choose a committee head for each to update the program head every once in awhile for developments.
  3. Contact people in the candle business to help you with your cause. Since the concept for your fundraiser is a candle party, you would want to contact as many people in the candle business as you can. Those in the candle business actually have event and party consultants and they give the candle party organizer a portion of the money they earn from selling candles. Get unique and cool candle ideas from them, request samples of their cool candles, candle boxes, and other items, to make your candle party fundraiser much more interesting. Just make sure that during the candle party itself, you have enough stock to sell candles.
  4. Advertise your candle party fundraiser. The more you advertise your candle party, then the more guests you will have. Also, make sure that the people you will invite to your candle party are those who'd most likely be able to contribute to your cause. People won't hold back as long as it's for a noble cause.

When the day of your candle party fundraiser comes, don't forget to enjoy yourself! Keeping yourself calm and cool will also ensure that the candle party fundraiser you organized will go as smoothly as planned.


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