How To Track Express Mail

For faster delivery of mail, you can pay for an Express mail delivery service. Express mail can be used for domestic and international express mail services. A surcharge is paid depending on the mail sent. You can use the service for overnight or expedited delivery of urgent letters, merchandise or important documents.

When choosing an express mail service company, consider the services provided that may include:

  • Basic services like: Next day delivery and 2nd day service from post office origin to post office destination; military delivery service; and next day delivery and 2nd day service from post office to the addressee
  • International Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • Delivery of mails 365 days in a year, including holidays and Sundays
  • Money back guarantee if the mail is not delivered overnight
  • No additional charges for Saturday delivery, residential or fuel surcharge
  • Service to track information.
  • Service delivery to P.O. Boxes and mailboxes.
  • Signatures to prove receipt of delivery when requested.
  • Discounts: for paying postage online.

For companies that offer free tracking services, you can track or check on the delivery status of your express mail by:

1. Logging on to the postal carrier’s tracking website.

  • Enter your label, receipt number, or the tracking number given to you, in the space or form provided on the site.
  • Click the button to “Track It.” or “Submit”
  • Check on the delivery status of your mail.

2. Logging on to
The site has a free tracking tool that can be used to trace and track several postal service Express Mails.

  • Enter the tracking number on the space provided
  • Click the “Track!” button.
  • Find out the status of your mail delivery.
  • If no status appears on the site, call the postal service provider.

Here are some reminders when tracking express mails:

  1. If you are the sender, be sure the mail was addressed properly with the name of the contact person who will receive the mail. Give the tracking number to the person you are sending the mail to.
  2. If you are the recipient, make sure to get the tracking number from the mail sender.
  3. Provide at least 4 hours from the time the mail was sent for the record to appear on the tracking system, before you try to trace your mail.
  4. When tracking your mail, make sure you enter the correct tracking number, or all the letters and the numbers given exactly as they appear on your label or receipt. A valid tracking number normally consists of 13 characters. The last two and first two characters should be alphabets. The 3rd character up to the 11th characters is supposed to be digits.
  5. If the tracking system shows an "attempted delivery" status, that means, the service provider attempted to deliver your mail but was unsuccessful. In cases like this, a notice is left at the recipient’s address. You can contact the postal service and request for redelivery or personally pick up the mail.
  6. If you cannot find the status of your mail on the service provider’s website tracking system, contact the person who sent the mail and verify the tracking number given.

Here is a list of reliable Express Mail service providers.

  • USPS Express Mail®
  • DHL/Airbourne Tracking Service
  • Fedex Tracking Service
  • UPS Tracking Service
  • MailExpress


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