How To Track Southeastern Freight Shipments

Southeastern Freight Lines is the nation’s largest less-than-truckload (LTL) motor carriers that specializes in next-day and second-day freight service. It has 65 service centers operating in ten states. Nearly 2,000 trucks of Southeastern Freight use multi-mode communications and tracking systems from GeoLogic Solutions since 1995. In 2005, it has upgraded its system to provide constant real-time communications and tracking possibilities, fast-paced LTL operations, and lowest possible monthly messaging costs. This shows how committed the Southeastern Freight Shipment to offer total customer satisfaction to anyone who wants to avail LTL service. In fact, today, the Southeastern Freight Shipment makes it easier for you to track down your shipments through the Internet. Should you avail of their service, here are tips for you to track down Southeastern Freight Shipments online.

  1. Get hold of the “pro.” Before anything else, make sure your papers are complete and correct for your southeastern freight shipment. Get the Southeastern’s pro number assigned by the driver at pick-up time to track your shipments online.
  2. Go to the website. Click the link that says “Southeastern Freight Tracking” and right away you’ll enter the southeastern freight website to start tracking your shipment online.
  3. Enter the pro number. Key-in the pro-number(s) in the box at the top left side of the website’s page. With this, you can finally trace a maximum of 10 pro numbers of your shipments. Do not forget to click Go, once you’ve entered all the pro numbers for your southeastern freight shipment to process your request directly.
  4. Know the status message of the shipment. In the Southeastern Freight website, look for the status message of the shipment. This status message confirms the pro number you received from the driver and provides the shipments’ complete status such as the PO number, shipper, consignee, bill of lading number, weight, pieces, freight charges, planned delivery date, definite delivery date, and the key person to sign the shipment’s delivery.
  5. Click the “Show the detail information” statement. Still in the Southeastern Freight website, click the said statement to look for the progress of the cargo in the status’ shipment from pickup to delivery. This gives you detailed progress information like the time, date, origins, and destinations of the delivery.
  6. Send it to your e-mail. Check the “Send Shipment Tracing for this pro to my email address daily until delivered” box at the bottom of your trace. Then, enter your Electronic-mail address to directly get a Trace of your shipment each morning until you got hold of it. You’ll be able to save time and effort as there is no need for you to check the shipment everyday.
  7. Contact Southeastern Freight Lines. If you still want to learn additional information about your shipment don’t hesitate to ask the Southeastern Freight Lines as they are too willing to assist you in anyway they can.

Southeastern Freight Lines is continuously enhancing their customer service from providing stable real-time communications and fast tracking, speeding-up LTL operations to cutting monthly messaging costs. With of all these benefits, you’re shipment is good to go while you’re at home waiting for the E-mail confirmation of your shipment’s arrival.


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