How To Turn Down a Job Candidate

It is not easy to turn down a job candidate. You were once a job candidate yourself and you know how much effort the applicant has exerted to compose his application letter and construct his resume. But as they say, “someone has got to do the job”.

To turn down a job candidate, here are some useful tips:

  1. Decide to tell the job candidate that you cannot hire him. The worst thing that you can do to the person is to beat around the bush and make him believe that you are still considering him for the job he is applying for. Do not give him false hopes as you are just adding insult to the injury or sprinkling salt to an open wound by keeping him hanging in the air for nothing. Tell him outright but in a courteous and respectful manner.
  2. Show your appreciation to his application. Tell the job candidate that you are happy that he shows interest to work with your company. Go straight to the point and say: “We appreciate your application and for showing interest to work with us. But it is just unfortunate there are so many others who have applied for the job and as you can see there is stiff competition just for this particular job. I’m sorry to say but it turns out there are a few others who qualify better for the available posts
  3. As you turn him down, tell him he is not the only one who received a rejection letter.
  4. Inform the job candidate that should there come a time when the company will need his services, he will be contacted immediately and that perhaps he can work with you if he is still available.
  5. Do not insult the job candidate. No matter how unqualified he is for the position, do not tell it to his face.
  6. Send a letter of rejection that is well written, subtle but direct. Indicate in the letter that your company can only hire a limited number of applicants and that you do not need his service at this time. Tell him too that you are keeping his profile and resume for future reference in case time will come when you can hire him for the position he applied for.
  7. Give him advice. Say politely that his resume needs to be improved or that he should take additional units in certain subject areas to increase his chance of employment.
  8. Encourage him to send his application to other companies. Recommend companies that are also in need of people to occupy certain positions with the same description as the job he is applying for in your company.

It is wise that you keep the application and resume of the job candidate. You can use the record in the future for possible employment or recommendations. Though you turned him down, do not completely dismiss the possibility that you may need his services in the future.


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