How To Understand Drug Defect Injury Claims

If you experience dangerous side effects from a drug, you may have a drug defect injury claim.

Drug companies have a duty to manufacture safe products that don't unreasonably harm consumers.  If the product has dangerous side effects, the drug company must warn of these dangers with clear and simple labels.  If you have taken a drug and begun to experience side effects over and above the standard nausea, headache, or upset stomach, you may have a drug defect claim against the drug manufacturer.  It may become critical for you to contact a drug recall injury lawyer to discuss your case with an experienced professional.

Step 1

Preserve records of any and all medications taken or used that may have caused the serious side effects.  This includes records from pharmacies and the bottle or product itself.  If you have a drug defect injury claim, the manufacturer will want proof that the consumer actually used the product claimed to cause the injury.

Step 2

Contact an independent physician to assist in diagnosing whether or not the drug caused the injury that is claimed.  Often times the doctor who prescribed the drug will be reluctant to diagnose an injury caused by a drug he recommended.  The reality is, there is little exposure for the doctor, but they nevertheless become guarded and may not offer an unbiased opinion if a drug he recommended caused your injury.

Step 3

Contact a drug defect injury lawyer to discuss your drug defect injury claim.  Due to the fact that many product liability claims are governed by short time limitations, otherwise known as a statute or limitations, it is critical to discuss your drug injury claim with an experienced lawyer.  Most injury lawyers will offer a free consultation and are only paid attorneys fees if they are successful in the handling of your case. 

Consumers who are victimized by dangerous drugs have a right to fair compensation for their injuries.  It is important to recognize that if you are experiencing serious side effects, that you may have a claim for damages against the manufacturer.  Get the legal help necessary to assist in handling these complicated claims.


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