How To Understand the Batch Production Process

Batch production is a term used in the manufacturing community that describes the process of using the same equipment to make several products in “batches.”  As an example a bakery uses batch production.  Mixers, fryers and ovens are all used to produce several products at different times of the day.  First they might all be used to make bread.  Next they are converted to making donuts then pies. This is a key way for manufacturing companies to have controlled production growth while using the same equipment they already have in use.

Batch manufacturing has many advantages for companies that are looking to increase their inventory offerings as well as companies that produce single run or seasonal items.  The company will set and convert all their appropriate machines to accommodate the production of this single item.  When the production run is over they will retrofit the equipment to make another item.  Proper batch management will allow the company to have minimal down time between batch runs.

Batch production can be set up very easily and really only takes proper planning on the manufacturers part to make it work to benefit the company.  For instance, if you are planning to make 5 shades of silk flowers you would begin with the lightest color.  If the lightest color is pink you would run a batch of light pink for the quantity needed.  You would then adjust the equipment to add more dye to make a dark pink flower.  After that run you would adjust the equipment to make red and the process would continue from there until you reach the darkest color you are going to run.  You have now made 5 different products utilizing the same equipment that was set to make only one.  This is batch processing at its finest.

Batch manufacturing is crucial to smaller businesses that do not have the equipment or space to run several machines to produce the same or slightly different product.  Batch processing can help a smaller business grow and compete with larger manufacturing companies because the same equipment is being used to produce multiple products.

Large corporations use batch processing as a way to save money and time.  Automakers are famous for designing their cars to have interchangeable parts so that when parts are made a batch can be run at one time and these parts will fit into many different cars.  Batch processing saves major corporations, like the auto industry, millions each year.

Batch processing is an efficient and cost saving way that businesses of any size can use to enhance their company at lower costs.  Refitting equipment that you already own to produce many products is a smart way to grow the company without increasing overhead.


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