How To Uniquely Advertise Your Business

Advertising your business requires clever planning and constant follow up. When you own a business or are thinking of starting a new one, begin with thinking about how you can effectively get your customers’ attention in order to sell your services or products. It’s at this point that advertising your business in unique ways helps you get more customers to reach out to you! In this article, listed are a few unique ways to effectively advertise your business, raise your sales and achieve success.

  • Be excited and convinced about your own product or services; show your excitement and enthusiasm to your customers. For example, say “I can’t wait to get your feedback on our new range of products!” or “I’m sure you will be extremely happy trying out our new product!” When you sound convincing to your customers about your own product or service, they in turn feel the need to test it and spread the word further around!
  • Make your customer feel important. Maintaining a good business relationship is essential; give out free coupons, vacation certificates, etc. For example, advertise stating “Free $200 coupon to our company event in Las Vegas!” Plus, you can communicate and keep your loyal customers updated on new product arrivals and discounts through e-mails, phone calls, chats, etc.
  • Using logos and slogans to advertise your product or service is another way to keep your business memorable and noticeable. Most customers remember the advertisement while buying a product when they walk into a supermarket!
  • Paying attention to feedback received from customers promptly and making changes to your product or service demonstrates how important your customer’s needs are to you.
  • Checking out your competitor’s products or services on what is missing can also help enhance your product or service. Your competitor’s weakness can be your unique selling point! For example, if your competitor does not offer a guarantee on purchasing a pressure cooker, you can!
  • Polish your marketing and advertising skills; if your advertisement pulls 5 sales out of 100 visitors, you know you need 2000 visitors to get 100 sales! Learning and sharing knowledge can also help spread the word about your business. For example, attend or join classes or training programs on enhancing marketing, sales and customer skills, brochure and business card designs, etc. 
  • Distributing your business card along with brochures of your product or service will help customers in reaching out to you for more information. Create and distribute gifts or mementos such as t-shirts, mugs, wall hangings, table stands, etc. showcasing your product or service to your loyal customers. Their families or friends can only get curious and want to buy your products too!
  • Write about your business, creating a website or an eBook by providing interesting and helpful information on your product or service online. This will help customers read about and understand your business better. In case you cannot write good copy on your own, make note cards about your business and get the local newspaper’s features’ writer to publish an article or feature about your business.

Last but not the least, say ‘thank you’ to each and every customer to let them know how much you appreciate their business with you! After all, effective advertising and marketing is not about money, it’s how creative and smart you can get with existing resources!


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