How To Use a Background Check for Employment

Learn How to Research Pre-Employment Screening Services to Determine Employee Suitability

Doing business in modern times involves dealing with matters of operating expenses, marketing strategy, profitability, and most importantly, hiring people you can trust and who are suitable for the job. There is always an imminent chance of negligence, injury or criminal activity with newly hired employees without proper pre-employment screening procedures in place. You can learn how to cover your bases by taking the appropriate college courses in human resources and employment law.

Here we discuss how to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits using a background check for employment for new job applicants.

Let's move through the steps of determining the characteristics of a reliable service to run an online background check for employment.

  1. Ensure your application requires all the necessary information about the applicant to run a complete background check. Other than the usual data: name, address, work history, schools attended, you should ask for obscure items such as aliases, name changes, distinguishing body marks, work licenses and prior convictions.
  2. A good background service will clearly indicate on it's website that access to reports are "instant" upon payment. Those reports should be delivered in a clear, easy-to-understand format for your convenience.
  3. While there is no background service that covers every U.S. citizen, it is estimated that 90% of all U.S. citizens have some type of public record(s) attached to their name. These include birth, school, work license, lien, bankruptcy, marriage and divorce records. This ensures that if an individual were trying to hide anything it would be clearly shown in public and civil records. The background service you choose should clearly state that it is "all-inclusive" in obtaining and providing all of this data in the final report that will be delivered to you.
  4. A good background service will draw upon 2 or more sources to cross-reference this data with up-to-date and accurate results. This will bring you peace of mind knowing the information you are using to determine hiring eligibility is of the highest integrity.
  5. Don't take any website you come across at face value. Use opinion and review sites to gain valuable consumer feedback on which background services deliver on their promises.
  6. The final step of the screening process is to verify the information provided by the applicant and make an informed hiring decision.

Good hiring policies are crucial to the smooth operation of any business.  One of the best ways to keep current with best hiring practices is to take continuing education classes in human resources.  Fortunately, even the busiest staff member can find time to take these classes by attending online schools.


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