How To Use a Blog or MySpace to Promote Your Business

Blogging and social networking have become widely popular these days. It is highly conclusive that the people we meet these days are maintaining one of the two, or both. In the past, a lot of people maintained a blog or a social networking account like MySpace, merely as an online journal or personal webpage to update distant relatives and friends about what’s going on in their lives. Some people thought of a brilliant idea to use the said media, which are free more often than not, as a means to advertise their businesses. Nowadays, a lot of people have already joined the bandwagon and are enjoying the benefits of using their blogs and MySpace accounts as a free advertising platform.

Interested in doing the same thing? Well here are some of my suggestions for you to effectively utilize your blog or MySpace account in marketing your business.

  • Nothing beats networking. Try to meet as many people as you can by visiting their webpage/profile or joining groups that has a connection to your product or cause. Don’t just visit, leave your footprint. Leave a comment with your URL that will enable to webpage owner to check out your page.
  • Be polite. In leaving comments don’t forget to be ethical. You might end up being banned and earning bad publicity if you’re not careful about what you type. On another note, although it is acceptable in some other countries, writing about your competition may be perceived as negative advertising.
  • Still in line with leaving comments, Don’t Spam! Nothing is more irritating than finding spam in your comments page so make sure you don’t do the same thing. It’s one of the best ways to make sure you IP gets banned and could be another means of negative advertising.
  • Make your site interesting. There’s a myriad of templates that you can use to design your page. Choose a theme that is relevant to the product or services that you are offering. A word of caution though, you may want to stay away from using a template that is very heavy and takes a long time to load. A lot of times, people will not want to visit your site because of that.
  • Put all the information that you would like your target market to know, product line up with the corresponding prices, back ground of your company, a little history perhaps, contact information, return policy, fee for services if your business is service oriented; and testimonials. Your product will all the more be enticing if you have people who can attest to the authenticity and effectiveness of your products/services. Include pictures of these people and if possible, their web pages, as well so that people can somehow validate that these are true people and that you’re not making things up.
  • You can also tie up with other retailers that has products or services that could compliment the ones that you are offering.

 Good luck to you then!


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