How To Use a Business to Business Directory

In the information age, we are all familiar with different types of telephone directories and Yellow Pages. The former provide information on the telephone numbers and addresses of individuals who’ve subscribed to a telephone service; while the latter list in alphabetical order, various businesses and companies which supply products and services directly to customers. In directory terminology, the following three terms are used to distinguish the type of information which is listed in a particular directory:

(a) Business to customer or B2C
(b) Business to business or B2B
(c) Customer to customer or C2C

The traditional Yellow Pages are an example of the B2C directory, while online consumer forums such as eBay can be an example of C2C directories. What then, is a business to business or B2B directory? Read on to find out.

A business to business or B2B directory is a compilation of names, addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details of businesses or companies which supply goods and other materials to other businesses or companies who use these materials to produce finished goods which are then sold to the eventual consumers. For example, you may be in the business of manufacturing steel bars, which are used in construction. These bars are sold to builders or construction contractors who provide the finished product, i.e. an office building or a house. As a manufacturer and supplier of steel bars, you would list your company in a B2B directory, so that “your” customers – construction companies – will contact you for their requirements of raw materials.

This, in essence is what a B2B directory provides – a resource for businesses to find and contact other manufacturers, suppliers or wholesalers of goods which are used as raw materials or components for the eventual finished product.

Benefits of a business to business directory:

  1. A one-stop location to find all resources which are required in your business, saving you time and money otherwise spent in locating suppliers, agents, manufacturers, etc.
  2. A simple and cost-effective method of advertising for businesses looking for potential customers.
  3. Available in print and online editions, meeting your search or advertising options.
  4. B2B directories come in various versions – sorted by location, type of business or industrial category. This means that you do not need to search through reams of paper to get your exact needs fulfilled.
  5. Business to business directories are available for free or for a price. Generally, the priced versions will provide more details and options than the free versions. Hence, it makes sense to invest some money in buying a directory which provides you with the maximum assistance.

Now that you have some idea of what a business to business directory is and how it can help with your business, it is time to go out and get one!


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