How To Use a Counterfeit Money Detector Pen

Counterfeits are products that are manufactured to imitate the original product and sell it in the market. It is commonly used in products such as t-shirt, bags, jewelries and even currency.

Counterfeit money is a currency that looks exactly the same as genuine money, but is not produced by the state or the government. It is a form of fraud that people use to purchase items that they want without paying real money.

Counterfeiting money can deliver a great impact to the economy. This is because it reduces the value of the real money. Currency is actually a representation of gold owned by a nation, and held in reserve. The amount of bills that circulate must be equal to the actual amount held by the government. If not, the actual value of the nation’s currency will dip. Of course, it will take a large amount of counterfeit currency to flood the country before this happens. But, it might only take one transaction with fake money to cause trouble to an individual or a business. To recoup the losses incurred with the bad transaction, individuals and businesses may need to raise their rates.

Money experts can easily determine which bill is real and which is not. Since counterfeit money is constantly improving to make it look more like real cash, it is getting harder and harder for them to detect it.

Due to this, different devices have been made to counteract this kind of fraud. Some examples would be a counterfeit detector machine, coin detector, magnetic ink, black light and counterfeit money detector pen.

The most commonly used and user friendly counterfeit machine is the counterfeit money detector pen. Not only is it very handy, but also it is also very affordable. This means that every individual can have a counterfeit money detector without spending too much money.

Counterfeit money detector pens contain an iodine solution. When this iodine solution touches the surface of counterfeit money, a black stain will appear. If the money is real, the fibers will not react with the iodine solution and the counterfeit pen will have no effect.

It is very simple to use a counterfeit detector pen that will allow you to see if the money you’re handling is real or fake. Here are the simple steps on how to use a counterfeit money detector pen:

  1. Mark a dot or a line anywhere in the bill that you want to check.
  2. Wait about 10 seconds for the detector to check for any reaction.
  3. If it turns yellow, it means that the money is genuine. If it turns black, then the money is counterfeit.
  4. The yellow coloring on the genuine bill of currency will disappear after a few seconds.

The counterfeit money detector pen has proven to be very effective. Due to this, the demand of counterfeit detector pens is very high and is still increasing. This is a very handy tool that you can carry with you inside your purse, handbags or even inside your pockets. It is a very useful tool, especially if you deal with money all of the time.


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