How To Use Article Marketing

We all know that there are numerous ways and means of marketing. We know too that the Internet has opened up gateways, which you could never have dreamed of, and marketing has grown to mean different things to different people and its reach and impact have become so much more effective! One such marketing tool, which has gone from strength to strength, is article marketing. It is a simple tool, very cost effective and easy to use.

Here's how you can take advantage of article marketing:

  • Have a target market defined. Writing for everybody of varied interests becomes very general and ambiguous. Identify a market that has similar interests or has similar goals.
  • Know the target market. Once you've identified your niche market, get to understand it, know its needs and its difficulties. Opinions are welcome from somebody who knows and understands that market, so take all the help you can get!
  • Include ‘keywords or phrases' in your articles. Search engines are drawn by keywords or phrases, which pepper your articles and throw up your articles when anyone keys in such keywords and/or phrases. The more articles you've written and keep writing the more searches will be directed to your articles.
  • The title of the article must be clear and catchy. The advantage to the person who is reading the article must be spelt out in the article title.
  • Submit your articles to as many free article websites on the net as you can. They also provide space for a resource box, which can include various links directing customers to your product or service.
  • Format the resource box in an appealing fashion so that even that does some marketing on its own.
  • The article should be short and appealing, avoid wordiness and meaningless jargon. It should follow the normal rules of article writing - well written, is factually and grammatically correct, etc.
  • Draw references to current interesting news items.
  • Organize the article with the main points as bullets and present the subject well.
  • Write on a subject, product or service related to the item you want to market. Let the article flow to the marketed product and lead to it as the solution to what the article is trying to address.
  • Let your articles interlink by cross-referencing each other. This will draw more readers to your articles.
  • The article should be informative and helpful on the subject. It should not be seen as a blatant and shameless marketing strategy. The more interesting and informative the article, the more people will come back to your website, looking for more interesting and useful information.
  • Use the auto responder' facility and maintain a ‘master responder' for all your articles.
  • List all the articles written by you on your website.
  • Connect with other site owners who have similar products or services and work on strategies, which will support both parties - provide links from your articles to their sites and get them to list links that will direct potential customers to your product or service.
  • Try to encompass as much variety as possible while writing articles so that there is enough to appeal to the target market.

Writing becomes a fulfilling and effective activity when there are more readers, encouraging more new articles, marketing more products and getting more and more readers to beat a trail to your site. Think of it as a ‘circle of life', you only need to get started!


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