How To Use Blogs for Direct Marketing

Blogs are not at all new to Internet inhabitants these days. Blogs, or weblogs, started out as the online journals of bloggers. Over time, various blogs that were set up catered to different niches. Maintaining a blog for a specific niche enables the blogger to target a more specific audience and a stable readership base. Having a target audience, then, becomes convenient for the blogger to write about things that interest his specific audience. Direct marketing in blogs becomes possible because of the specificity of a blog's market.

If you are already a blogger, here are some things that you can do to use your blog as a direct marketing tool:

  1. Maintain your readership. Having a strong readership increases your reputation as a marketer. Develop great content and update often. Do research if it is needed on a certain topic. Your readers are your direct market, and what you are writing is your product.
  2. Sign up for paid-to-blog programs. Direct marketing trends nowadays are not only confined to advertising in traditional media. Businesses have not realized the impact of blogs on readers and have started to tap them to increase market shares. These businesses get the service of paid-to-blog sites. You can only get to write for these businesses if you qualify for these paid-to-blog programs.
  3. Disclose if needed. Some of your loyal readers may notice that you are already marketing a product through your writings and be turned off. If you are paid for writing about a product and you are allowed to disclose that information, please do so.

If you are a business owner and would like to tap the power of blogging in your direct marketing venture, here are some things you should think about:

  1. Write your own blog. Set-up your own blog so you can write freely about your products. You can maintain a blog using different blogging platforms for free, but that would look a little unprofessional. It would be better to get your own blog domain and host it. Of course, you should be treating this step as an additional operational expense on your part.
  2. Hire bloggers. Having your own blog could be demanding. You can get the services of paid-to-blog programs to have write-ups about your product. Paid-to-blog sites have registered bloggers that are categorized into different categories and Google page rankings. You can specify which readers to target and choose bloggers that already have an impressive amount of loyal readers and subscribers. Normally, what it will cost you will be the amount paid to the blogger and the service fee of the paid-to-blog provider.
  3. Be active in blog commenting. If you cannot afford to set up your own blog or hire bloggers to write for your product, this will be the least expensive option for you. Find blogs that cater to the same market as your product and leave a comment in their blogs. Try to be as sensible as possible to avoid being identified as a spammer.

Direct marketing should not be confined to traditional techniques anymore. You should realize that new media, such as blogging, could do wonders in marketing products.


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