How To Use Bubble Wrap

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Bubble wrap is not just something that you use as packaging material or packaging insulation. It’s also something that can be used for fun and entertainment. How? Try popping the bubbles and you’ll see for yourself how fun it is! Moreover, bubble wrap has varied uses, and if you are creative you may think of even more ways to use bubble wrap!

First, let’s start with the basics. How to use bubble wrap as packaging and insulation. Here’s how you can use bubble wrap as protection for various items:

  • For small objects, wrapping can be easily done using bubble bags. In the same way, bubble bags can also be used to prevent static damage of sensitive electronic parts and components. You can just place these inside and have them sealed to prevent falling or slipping off.
  • To cushion lightweight products, it is better to have the item rolled in bubble wrap for better surface protection. For heavier items, use heavy duty bubble wrap rolls.
  • For valuable materials that will be placed in shipping boxes or moving boxes, bubble mailers or bubble envelopes are better options since they have better sealing features.
  • No matter what object you need to wrap, be sure that its corners and sides are thoroughly wrapped. In case it will be placed in hard shipping boxes like cardboard boxes, see to it that there is a bubble padding of at least two inches in between the item and the walls of the box to ensure proper insulation.
  • You can also add other packing supplies to fill up the spaces like crumpled paper. If you shake it and it is still moving, better add more packaging materials.

Now, aside from its basic packing purpose, bubble wrap also has alternative uses. Among these are:

  1. Stamping. Rubbers are not the only materials that can be used for stamping. It can be used to produce different designs in fast, easy and cheap ways. You can use any type of bubble wrap, even the old and used wrap. All you need to do is wrap it around a stamping block, tap or press it in ink or any colored substance and press it onto the surface or paper. You can try using the back of a used calendar or any paper to test how it looks like. You can play with the colors or the size of the bubble. You can create varied designs and it’s up to you how you do it.
  2. Relaxing pillow and mat. Bubble wrap can be used not only as insulation for items but for your body as well. It’s a great alternative if you’re tired of sleeping in beds or if you fail to bring your bedding for camping and other outdoor activities. You can spread it out as a mat or you can fold it in layers as a pillow. Either way, you will surely relax and dream with a smile on your face.
  3. Bubble popping. Now, here’s what everyone loves, not only because it’s fun but also because of the funny popping sound. Bubble wrap popping can be done as a relaxing game. But beware, you could become a bubble pop addict!

There are sure to be more uses for bubble wrap than what is listed here. Why not get a sheet of bubble wrap, look at it carefully and start your imagination working.


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