How To Use Building Application Software

Building application software are programs used mostly by those in the construction industry. There is plenty of building application software available on the market today, and most are built with specific tasks in mind and not the construction of the building as a whole. Some of these applications are designed for the building’s waste disposal, site measurements, engineering and aesthetic building design. Some are designed for the building’s water sprinkler systems, fire prevention systems, building security systems and more. To use these applications, here are some helpful tips:

  • Leave it to the professionals. Engineers, construction managers and architects are professionals who are trained to use these applications. Some of these professionals have been trained even way back in their college days. Some schools today offer subjects that train students and enhance their skills in utilizing these types of computer aided construction application software.
  • Use the program for its specified function. As of this time, there is no single software that can claim to address a whole building. Engineers and architects use various programs such as computer aided design (CAD) tools for designing, site control software for construction sites, and many more. Remember, building application software is a bundle or a group of software used for planning, constructing and maintaining a building.
  • Use according to the manual. Users of these software applications must use them according to the manual provided by the software company. Misuse of the software could lead to erroneous engineering resulting in future fatal injuries and damages. For example, if the CAD does not give a probable or appropriate measure for a certain design, but the user overrides or ignores the computer results and relies solely on his discretion due to some constraints (e.g. budget, time table, etc.), this could lead to a major building construction disaster.
  • Compatibility is important. As the function of the software is reliant on a compatible construction task, so is the system itself. Never forget to install the building application software over the minimum system requirement. If it should run on a Microsoft operating system, don’t try it on a Mac.
  • Check for updates. If the software application has a website, better check for updates. The software provider may also have recent news and press releases about their product. They may also offer free update installation and bug fixes. Checking their website regularly can help users of building application software know more about the programs.
  • Never forget about the User’s Agreement. The User’s Agreement, as commonly labeled, is a contract between the software company and the user. Any terms and conditions that were not met by the users, like reselling and tampering, are punishable by law.

A computer and its software are built by professional programmers and are reliant on math and logic. Building application software is not any different from other applications, it is programmed. Therefore, the most important of all is the skill to use the software. The talent of designing, the ethics of engineering and architecture, and the laws and regulations regarding building construction are not included in the software. These factors are solely dependent upon the user’s knowledge.


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