How To Use Carbonless Form Printing

Carbonless form printing creates copies of documents without having to use a photocopy machine or any other electrical device. Companies nowadays tend to depend on carbonless forms to minimize paper waste and use carbonless invoices and carbonless books. Receipts, purchase orders, inventory sheets and sales orders use paper that is carbonless, reducing paper, printer and printer ink costs.

Also called NCR forms, carbonless forms are paper with dye colors at the back of each sheet. This means that when you write or print on a carbonless sheet, an almost exact copy is replicated on the sheet under it. Carbonless form printing is an efficient system for ensuring several copies of the same sheet.

Before carbonless form printing, a lot of human labor was spent on making copies of important documents like receipts, invoices, forms, and other sheets that required copies for filing and for the different departments. Copies were either printed by hand on each copy, or written on several same sheets that had a separate thin carbon paper in between to make a copy. Some businesses also use laser printers or photocopy machines to create multiple copies of their important invoices and forms.

Several printing companies now offer customized carbonless form printing. This means you can dictate the design of your forms. Printers of carbonless forms usually offer custom sizes of carbonless form. There are 2-part carbonless forms, 3-part carbonless forms, 4-part carbonless forms and 5-part carbonless forms. You can now make sure that any copy for your customer, such as a delivery receipt or a sales order, has your logo or brand name on it.

You could also decide to print your own carbonless forms. Using your laser printer, laser carbonless forms are available for your use. There are printers that specialize in offering custom sized laser carbonless forms that you can print on. This is usually the option chosen by small businesses that need to have their own forms with multiple copies but not in bulk quantities.

A lot of major companies and institutions now can hardly remember the old days when carbonless form printing was not in use. Businesses, schools, medical institutions and the like all use carbonless forms for their contracts, receipts and forms. Because carbonless forms also help lower energy cost since it eliminates repeated printing of the same sheets and forms, even small businesses use carbonless forms in their transactions.

Of course, there are some issues raised against carbonless form printing. One of the main issues in contention is the health issue. Carbonless forms are made from chemicals and there have been cases where carbonless forms are said to cause asthma and skin irritation. Although these cases are minimal, extra care should be taken when handling carbonless forms. Those who have a history of asthma and skin problems should always handle carbonless forms with care.

In the future, carbonic paper or carbon paper, that thin sheet of paper placed between an original and blank sheet (where the copy is to be written on) will be an item mentioned in the archives or found in art rooms. Carbonless form printing, in spite of certain health issues, certainly looks like it is just going to get better, and much easier to use. 


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