How To Use Internet Marketing Within Your Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategies

I consider Internet marketing to be an essential and even compulsory part of any company's channel marketing strategy. The critical thing to grasp with Internet marketing is to keep in mind that marketing through the Internet is 'simply' marketing through another marketing channel. There are multiple stand-alone channels to market or multiple ways to move your product or service to the end user.

As the world in general becomes more wired, as more households upgrade to high speed Internet access, the potential for marketing your product or service through the Internet has expanded to levels previously not considered and it is only our imagination that will determine where this marketing channel moves to in the future. Here are some steps you can follow to build your Internet marketing strategy:

  1. Think of yourself as living in a global marketplace. Consider your customers to be people on the other side of the world as well as individuals in your neighborhood.
  2. Consider how you can position your product or service so an individual on the other side of the world searching on the Internet who comes across your product can make use of it; this may lead you to produce digital versions of your product in addition to physical products which you will have to ship.
  3. Get yourself educated in order to take on the responsibility for being the Internet 'guru' for your business.
  4. Start a blog. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get recognition and presence on the Internet. When I say quick, I mean instant, as your blog will be pinged and picked up and passed around to multiple sources by multiple sources when you employ effective blogging strategies.
  5. Write articles: The potential to brand yourself as the expert in your field is almost limitless and capped only by the amount of time you have to give to writing and publishing articles. This takes more time than blogging as your articles normally will go through a review and are typically three to four times longer than blogs.
  6. Submit press releases. Another channel within the Internet marketing channel is to issue press releases for every new product you release or for new activities within your company. This is an important channel as press releases appear in the news search engines that are typically the first place journalists and reporters go to when looking for further information on a particular news story.
  7. Use the social networks. Social networks already have high search engine ranking and so setting up your business presence within these networks with a view to pointing visitors back to your Internet presence has proven to be an effective long-term component of your Internet marketing strategy.
  8. Use online advertising. Online advertising costs fractions of the price to advertise in traditional magazines and has the potential to bring visitors to your website week in week out. Write a highly effective advertisement for best results.
  9. Learn the important of keyword research. We touched on but a few of the components of an Internet marketing strategy. All of these are to be underpinned by effective and ongoing keyword research. That is to say, it is important to have an understanding of what people type into the search engines when they are looking for information on a particular subject. These keywords and phrases are to be used as bases for the company's article writing, social network presence, press releases and the other tools that can be used as part of this marketing strategy component.

The Internet marketing strategies presented here are non-technical and can be adopted by anyone in any business who has a computer and an Internet connection. I suggest you pick a couple and get started today. You can have your blog up and running within minutes and I suggest you host your blog on your own hosting server...and once you're on the way to a great online marketing strategy, I recommend you take some online courses in business to ensure that you're up-to-date with the latest technological innovations.


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I like these techniques -- and best of all, many are low cost solutions.

By Riley Klein