How To Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients

Whenever we talk, we start selling ourselves. 

Speaking is a promotion you can at once adopt to get in front of would-be customers. Spoken communication puts you in a handshaking distance from your paramount prospects, helping you to close a sale. Speaking regularly in a meeting or a function will definitely develop your confidence. If you are selling something, your would be client becomes interested when he hears the way you speak. At this moment, we know that through communication, you can reach hundreds of prospects.

Realistically speaking, we are often times afraid to be in front of a large group of people to share professional intelligence. Sad to say, if you are in the same situation, you are missing a lot of adventures. One study found out that we are actually not afraid of speaking in a large audience, and that we are mostly concerned on whether or not we can express clearly what we want to say. We are anxious of people’s reactions and criticisms. But if you noticed, great public speakers essentially started the way we started. They just conquered their panic and provided evidence that they could do it.

I guess in reality, it is very important to be passionate about learning at all times. If you want to be a seasoned speaker, your topics must vary depending on your audience. If you are a sales person, aside from knowing the products you are offering, it is great if you can speak about sports, current events, among others, so that your clients would be interested to meet you. Before making a sales pitch, getting their attention is the most significant part.

When someone requests for you to give a talk or so, don’t say “No” immediately. Take this as an opportunity and do your research. Often times, they approach you because they believe in your skills and know that you are expert in that field. They specifically would like to know your insights and contributions. Yes, it is nerve-racking at first, but if you are keen on doing this, you will surely conquer your fright. Like any public speakers, practice makes perfect. Rehearse speaking in front of your family members or close friends, and ask what they think. Don’t get hurt if someone tells you that you need improvement. On the contrary, take it as a challenge. In no time, you will see developments.

Public speakers fail to deliver their speeches in a good way because they are not familiar with their chosen topics. They may have information but it is not sufficient. Perhaps extensive research is considered necessary. Usually, the audience who attend speaking engagements are already familiar with the topics, and are just looking for more facts and data. Therefore, if you are speaking the same language, your audience would not become engrossed. The key here is to empower your topics.

There are groups or associations that you can join in order to sharpen your speaking abilities and to build contacts. The solution here is to be involved in conferences wherein you can have a speaking engagement on a regular basis and you will be surprised with the contacts you gain over time.


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