How To Use Search Engine Optimization Services

When you look for a piece of information or something to buy, you always turn to search engines for the answer. Perhaps, you’re in this webpage because you found it from the search engine. But do you know that not only searchers like you can benefit from the unique yet very beneficial nature of search engines? Online businesses make use of search engines to market their business as well and promote their products and services to those actually looking for these. The marketing strategy involving search engines is called search engine optimization.

You might have already encountered this term as page optimization, dynamic optimization, promotion optimization, or optimization strategy.

If you have an online store as well, say an eBay store, you can also do a simple search engine optimization or dynamic optimization so that your website will rank high on the search engine. The goal of each page optimization campaign is to bring a certain website to at least the top ten search results when a certain keyword is searched.

There are many services used for promotion optimization. Each of these uses a special optimization strategy or strategies. Most are doing the process with the help of some search engine optimization tools. With the optimization tools, SEO campaign becomes easier and almost automated.

Here are the common SEO services and how you can possibly use them:

  • Article Marketing. This may not be the most important part of search engine optimization but writing articles remain to be one of the most effective way to market products. The key in writing articles for SEO is the use of keywords, related keywords, and anchor text. The main keyword is the possible set of words that the niche will use to look for your products or services. In order for the search engine to show up your website when the keyword is searched, you have to write an article with proper placing of keywords.

    The main keyword should be in the title and in the first paragraph of the article. Other keywords can already be distributed to other paragraphs. It is also important that one article should have at least 2% keyword density, which means that for a 100-word article, the main keyword should be mentioned at least twice in the article’s body.

  • PPC Advertising. PPC or pay-per-click advertising will allow you to place your ads when the keyword is searched using a certain search engine. You will only pay the search engine if your ad is clicked.
  • Paid Indexing. Have you noticed some highlighted websites in the search results when you search for a certain keyword? In Google, these are placed at the top of the search result. These are the websites that paid Google to place their website at the top of the search result when a certain keyword is used.
  • Link Building. There are many techniques you can do for link building. But the goal is only to produce links back to the promoted websites. Link building can be done through anything that the promoted website’s link can be placed. It can be blog posting, blog commenting, forum posting, etc.

You always have the choice to hire a company and let them do the search engine optimization for your website. However, this choice can be risky especially if the service provider uses strategies to fool search engines. If you or the service provider will try to fool them, your website might just be banned from the search engine and you will be back to zero again.


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