How To Use Social Action

The analysis of social networks has become a very important subject of research nowadays. This is usually done for better understanding the relationships between networks to be used in the progress of society. And since there are a lot of challenges in terms of this study, analysts need to devise fast and efficient tools. This becomes the reason for the rise of the powerful Social Action tool.

With this software, it becomes easier for people to make an analysis of all aspects of the social network including social crime, social poverty, social conflict, social culture, social gender, and a lot of other projects. However, only well-versed people in using this social network analysis tool gets to benefit from this device the most. Therefore, one needs to know how to use Social Action efficiently.

So if you are new in the field of social network analysis or even with Social Action, the tool can only help you if you know how to make use of it. Therefore, as a guide, here is how you can operate this analysis tool for your projects:

  1. First, you need to have an overview of the whole social network you will be studying. In the software interface, you will notice the statistical overview of the whole structure you are analyzing on its left side. On the right hand side, you will be presented a visualization model of the whole network.
  2. Now you need to place corresponding labels to particular nodes. For example, when you are dealing with social gender, you need to give a particular color to every part of the network depending on the aspects of your research. You can group them depending on their connectedness to the whole network you are analyzing.
  3. Upon entering these labels, you don’t anymore need to do anything. The Social Action software will be the one to build the network through its powerful statistical algorithm. This works by filtering all the unimportant nodes in the social network model presented in Stage one earlier. With this, the visualization will be simplified making it easier to conduct research on.
  4. With this simpler pattern, you will be allowed a more convenient study because of the labels. The labels are in accordance with the network being analyzed, be it social culture, social crime, or social poverty. When you click or select a particular node, all of the details appear on its left.
  5. Using the labels or links, you can organize a network, find subgroups, and even find groups of interest. This can be done using link structures. Aside from this, you can impressively untangle the networks as well for a different approach of the study. This, on the other hand, is operated through overview visualizations.

With the help of this tool, the then complicated process of social network analysis becomes an almost simple task. Without any theory, you can go straight to studying the network and find the results the fastest way, with less the effort. Therefore, the birth of Social Action marked the advancement of social network analysis projects.


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