How To Use the "Box-Step" Sales Close Strategy

Selling has always been a part of my life. From mother's baked goods to toys and services, I have sold to countless people and made money for the company I work for. There is no equal to the rush that every closed sale gives me. 

In this regard, some might say that I am natural salesperson. I do agree in some ways, but I do hold the belief that everyone can make a sale if they put their mind to it and use some tips that have helped many salesmen over the years. Personally, I like scouring the Internet for sales tips that will help me improve my craft.

One of my favorite sales techniques is the Box-Step Sales Close Strategy. Essentially, this selling technique is about pushing an undecided customer back into a corner and subtly prodding him to buy whatever it is that you are selling. I have used this sales technique when I was in a toy store and it has worked for me a countless number of times. Consider the following scenario. 

A woman walks into the toy store looking for party favors for her son's birthday party. I saw her eyeing matchbox cars displayed on the glass casing. I walk over to her and ask what she was looking for. Upon hearing her answer, I instinctively knew that she was undecided between buying the miniature cars or not. On one hand, the miniature cars cost more than what she was willing to spend on party favors. On the other hand, her son and his friends would love the miniature cars and she wanted to make them happy on that special day. After a few minutes, she told me she would look around and see if there are other items that she would like.

I took this as a cue to back her into a corner and make the buy decision. I told her that those miniature cars are in demand and that we only have a few on stock and that she should consider taking them now before someone else does. I told her that I will go look in the stockroom and see how many we have left. If I bring it out will she take them? 

Fortunately for me she said yes. In her mind, she did not have any other choice but to buy those miniature cars.  Knowing that we only have a few left made up her mind. If she said no, I would have played the son card. I would try to convince her that a few bucks would make her son and his friends really happy. Then I will ask her again about bringing out the stock so she could see them. Chances are high that she will buy them. 

Like I said, this sales technique has worked countless of times for me and I bet it would work for you. Don't be disappointed if it does not work on your first attempts. Eventually you will get the hang of it and you will be closing more sales than you ever imagined you could.


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