How To Use the Internet To Generate Income

Use Your Business Expertise to Make Money Online

Having home job

You can use the expertise you already have to build an Internet presence. If you run or are involved in what we call a traditional off-line business, such as a woodworker, makeup artist or plumber, you can and should be using the Internet to generate income. These types of businesses mentioned are among the types of businesses with which I consult; when I get to the Internet marketing section of the consultation, I normally meet with a level of disbelief and resistance as we move to embrace the new technologies.  I'll cover some of the basics in this article, but just like you'd enroll in a class to learn the ins and outs of business accounting it's a good idea to do the same to learn how to properly use the Internet to market your business.

Here are some simple steps to follow to begin making money on the Internet using your business expertise.

  1. Get a hosting account: You will need your own hosting account; this is where your websites 'live.' A hosting acount is your own address on the Internet and this is where you should have your blog as opposed to having a blog on some of the free resources. If you are serious about establishing your Internet presence, you should pay the extra $2 to $3 a month to get yourself a dedicated IP address. Simply put, this will mean that you have your own address and postbox on the Internet, as opposed to sharing IP addresses with other users. Expect to pay no more than $20 per month for a quality hosting account where you share the server but have your own IP address. Make sure your account has Cpanel.
  2. Buy a domain name: These cost around $10 for year and you should buy domain names for your business and any other ideas you have. It's also a great idea to buy your name and use this to host your blog. After you buy your domain name, you will need to make sure that the domain actually 'points' to the hosting service which you purchased in #1.
  3. Set up a blog: Use Cpanel to install your blog. Within Cpanel, there is something called 'Fantastico.' Use this to install your blog with a few clicks of the mouse.
  4. Install a new theme: Within the control panel of your blog, go to "presentation," scroll to the bottom of the page and go to the 'Wordpress Theme Directory.' Search around there for a template which you like the look of. Here it is important to find an Adsense Ready theme. With this type of theme, you can plug in your Google Adsense code and earn money when readers visit your blog and click on one of the ads!
  5. Register your blog: You will need to make sure that the blog search engines know that your blog exists. To do this, go to Ping-o-matic and simply enter the details of your blog there.
  6. Start blogging: I suggest that at the outset, you post to your blog every day. Do this for at least two weeks to get your Internet presence up and running.

You simply need to blog about your work, your passion and your business -- to get traffic to your blog, provide good content and readers will find you via the search engines. I have made business contacts the world over through my blog -- that's one way of earning money, as mentioned above. if you provide quality information readers will come, and a percentage of them will click on the relevant ads and then you will start to receive money from Google.

Follow the steps above and for less than $20 per month, you can promote your business to the world and earn money on automatic pilot, even while you sleep.  You can learn many other Internet marketing tips by taking online business marketing classes.


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Steve, these are great ideas am working on my own blog and will follow your tips

By Dalton Khamala

I think you could have discussed more opportunities. Blogs are only one way of generating income from the internet and by far one of the most competitive and tough business to get recognized from.

If we are going to really enjoy the full potential of internet we must diversify our strategies to focus on several ways of generating income. Those ways comprehend but are not limited to: selling items on eBay; having your personal online store; blogs (as stated); online support service (especially for computer users); online casino games (not advisable but we can not ignore it); buy and sell domains; and internet games (there are cases when a character with full acessories from a gaming account can be worth near to U$800.00 - the demand comes from other game users).

Although some of those alternatives wouldn't never be picked by us. People with diferent talents could choose them and accomplish more than they would in a blog.

New themes and new content daily aren't enough to make you gain more than pennies monthly. The real diferencial in blogs is creativity and inovation. To be able to discuss topics that aren't well treated elsewhere and do it with style.

By Leandro Bernardo