How To Use Twitter for Your Career – The Basics

Twitter is a very popular social media site second to Facebook. It now has millions of followers worldwide and the number is even growing. On Twitter, you can update your status as often as you want as well as share links of videos, articles and images with people who follow you and those you are following. You can also join discussions on current trending topics on Twitter. You can even establish a trend topic on your own and invite others to join.

Twitter and other social media networks have also become popular venues in promoting one’s career. If you have a business or profession that you want to build up, you can use Twitter as a tool for this purpose. Read on and find out how this could be done.

  • Sign up for membership. Go to and create your own account using your real name, business name or any professional name with which you are known in public. Use authentic business email address also and do away with fancy names that imply lack of seriousness and professionalism.
  • To follow people, proceed to and type in certain keywords that relate to your career. For example, if you are a doctor, key in words like “medical care”, “health care”, “health benefits”, and etc. After you have keyed in the words, a list of tweets from people who follow trending topics on health and medicine will appear. Go over the said tweets and choose which one to follow. Once you follow these users, you will see their tweets on your home page.
  • Interact with users that you follow. Each time you log on at Twitter, pick out tweets that seem interesting to you and reply or re-tweet. This way, you will get the attention of these users and they will eventually follow you too.
  • Tweet at least three times a day – is the general rule to keep your Twitter account active. However if you want to maximize use of Twitter for your career, you might as well tweet more often – as many times as you can within the day. This technique gives you more visibility among your Twitter friends. It is one way of “saturating the market” wherein you give as much feeds as you can to draw attention to your tweets and gain more following to your career.
  • Be friendly. Upon logging in, greet the people in your home page. Mention their usernames. For example: “@healthorg good morning! How are you doing today @pharmabest?” More likely, when these users see that you mentioned them in your tweet, they will reply and follow your tweets throughout.
  • Make your tweets short. Do not maximize use of the allowed 140 characters. Leave room for others to reply to your tweets. It is good if tweet with only 100 or 120 (maximum) characters.
  • Search for hashtags by going to By affixing the hashtags in your tweets, (example - #nursingjobs) your tweets will be seen by people who are searching for the same topic on Twitter.

Promoting your career on Twitter is one way of building a name in public. Many Twitter users have successfully put up their careers just by tweeting. Remember though, that the best way to build a career is by establishing a good reputation both online and offline.


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