How To Use Vibration Control Mounts

Vibration control products help in vibration reduction. Preventing and treating vibration is crucial, since it is one of the signs of wear and tear for most machines. With vibration machines, you will be able to control and analyze the types of vibration which a particular machine emits. Using highly advanced processes of structural control, vibration equipment can help in solving the different kinds of shock and vibration control problems found among many products like disc drives and fone-end loaders. Vibration control mounts help keep noise, shock and vibration controls in your environment checked and maintained at tolerable levels.

Because these devices help in the prevention of powerful shock loads that can harm your machines, it is useful to know how to use vibration control mounts. Here are procedures for using the control mounts.

  1. Get the correct plastic flow for your vibration control mount: For some vibration control products, specific types of plastic flows or MR mounts are needed. The plastic flows should be compatible with your mounts. For better compatibility, use a mixed mode-type of magnetic fluid that works with the machines that you will test using the vibration controls. For recreational vehicles like boats, golf carts and jet skis, you can use plate mounts, ring and bushing mounts, and fail-safe compression mounts. For farm equipments like tractors and harvesters, you can use center-bushing, all-attitude, 515 series and compression mounts.
  2. Install the MR mount: The plastic flow consists of a vibrating mass, a semi-active fluid mint and some mounts which are made of rubber. You need to install the MR mounts on the bean structure, which will take care of the vibrating mass found under the other two rubber mounts supporting the beam structure.
  3. Identify then confirm the damping force characteristics of the MR mount: To do this, you must know the equations that work with your vibration control mount. You can use the linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) controller for most machines to be tested. This LQG controller also controls the responses of the machines to environmental factors. When this is already arranged, the mounts can now check and repair the vibrations emitted by your machines.

Vibration control products help you isolate all kinds of shock and vibration from your machines, equipments or vehicles. Once you have used vibration analysis to determine the type of defects that your machine has, repair the machine or take the unit to a technician who can repair it. With these steps, getting the most out of your machines through vibration analysis is possible.


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