How To Use Your Voice to Make Money

Sometimes when you are communicating with people, it is not just your physical appearance that is being observed, but also your voice. You can actually make money with your voice, and an example of this kind of job is doing Voice-overs.

This is a very interesting job since it is the type of work that most people are not comfortable with doing. This is probably because it entails incredible abilities in order to succeed in this industry. So if you think that you have the guts and abilities to work for this kind of business, go for it. Here are some tips on how to get yourself involved.

Things to remember: You have to keep in mind that you should start listening to the radio, because it will help you give some examples on how to do voice-overs the proper way. You should also minimize switching to different stations whenever commercials are on. Listening to them can also help you develop your skills.

Once you do these things, you will eventually realize that there is something different with the way they speak, such as the pronunciation, speed, and breathing patterns.

Your voice: Some people think that they do not have the right voice to do voice-overs. You should think of it as a gift that will place you in a unique position. This is because voice-overs are not just for commercials. There are also many other jobs out there that will suit your gift, like in cartoons, video games, and many more.

It is just up to you if you are ready to commit with this kind of work. In addition, you must also start listening to your own voice. It will be your tool for the rest of your voice over career. Be confident with it.

Find a good school: Every person should be properly educated with his chosen field because this will serve as his means of achieving success.

You can search online for a good school. However, you must decide carefully before you invest a lot money on your training. Some schools offer cheaper voice training. The school you will be enrolling to will require several things from you. Some of these are your audition tape that will serve as your resume, training which is conducted by a professional, and short term job placement which is the work they are going to give you.

Have a copy of your tape: You should have a copy of your audition tape. Try to search local production facilities that offer voice over jobs. You can go to their website and send a message regarding your interest in applying. Attach to the message the softcopy of your audition video.

You will find that you can have a stable job with your voice. In the future, you might even consider setting up your own studio. Confidence is much needed in this kind of work. So be sure that you are able to show them what you’ve got.


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