How To Utilize Benefit Management Services

Have you made the decision to look for benefit administrators who can help you with your business benefits, benefit systems, vision management, and benefit planning needs? Would you like to learn how to utilize benefit management services? Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Understand what benefits administrators do. Their job is to do continuous and comprehensive research, and sum up and explain to client-employees their rights as well as obligations under their respective company benefit plans. They handle grievances of their clients and serve as liaisons to the benefits providers (usually employers and medical insurance providers).
  2. Look for benefit administrators. Aside from looking up the key words “benefit management services” or “benefit administrators,” also try the term “third party administrators” on your search engine. Business.Com has an alphabetical directory of third party benefit administrators. Another important online resource you shouldn’t miss is the website of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators.
  3. Compare the services offered before taking your pick. Compare the costs of their services while you are at it too.
  4. Make sure you are dealing with the real deal. There are many companies and individuals claiming to be benefits administrators so make sure you are dealing with the real ones: check their state licenses. Choose a benefit administrator with the track record to help suit your needs and fit your budget.
  5. Since there is no tried and tested formula on how to select the best among many benefit administrators, ask your prospective administrators how they have been  complying with government regulations, how they gather information and keep it current. Remember, speedy processing of claims is not the only criteria you should be looking at when picking a benefit administrator.
  6. Be informed before signing up for anything. Most benefit management services have online websites that provide information as to the services they offer, and contact details so you can reach them if you have further inquiries.
  7. After you have chosen an administrator, explain your concerns to your benefit administrator. Bring the necessary documents with you if you are meeting up personally with your administrator.
  8. Follow the instructions given to you by your benefit administrators. They are in the best position to show you show you can utilize their services.
  9. Be courteous and cooperative to your benefit administrator. Benefit administrators are people too! Treat them as professionals. They are in business to help you, but you have to make their lives easier by practicing simple courtesies and cooperating with them. Some clients expect their benefits administrators to do everything for them, forgetting administrators are only bound to do what they signed up for in the contract.

If you plan to join the 55% of workers in the US who have availed of third party administration services or benefit management services for pension, non-federal health and other benefits, learning how to utilize benefit management services is an important logical step you shouldn’t miss out on.


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