How To Write a Burglary Crime Report

Burglary is one of the most frequently reported crimes across the globe. If you become a victim or a witness to a burglary, do the right thing and make a detailed crime report of the incident.

  • Note the exact time when the burglary occurred and the property address or the place where the crime took place. If you are unsure of the time, make an estimate and indicate the time period wherein you suppose the property was burglarized.
  • Indicate the full name of the victim of the burglary, including the middle name or middle initial. Whether you are a witness, a family or relative writing the report in behalf of the property owner, use the actual owner's personal information in completing the report. Do not forget to mention the name and contact details of the person who discovered the crime. This is important especially for the police and the owner's insurance provider if they wish to speak or summon the person for further information about the crime. If you are reporting a burglary where a business establishment is the victim, include the business name, the address of the establishment.
  • Make a brief but concise description of the property and the location after the burglary. Do not report vague information such as "my car was stolen," or "somebody went inside my house last night and took my jewelries." Provide full detailed information including the time of the burglary, what property was stolen, and damages to your other belongings. Do not fail to include physical injuries caused by an attack or threats from the burglar/s, if you are unfortunately inside the property or is using the item when the burglars attacked.
  • Provide a detailed description of the stolen item/s. Indicate when and where you purchased the items if you can. Include the make, model and serial number of your valuables, such as laptops, sound systems, audiovisuals, cars and others. Stolen items are usually the valuable ones. Indicate the item's present value, and then write an estimate of the total amount of all lost and/or stolen items. If the item/s are damaged, include also an estimate of the total damages' amount.
  • Include the contact information of all the persons involved, including witnesses and all those who have access to the property such as house helpers, caretakers and the like. If your business or establishment is burglarized, list the contact details of all employees and other hired workers who might have something to say about the crime. This will be a great help for the police and the insurance company with their investigation.
  • Photograph the scene of the crime and the damaged items. This is vital especially when assessing total damages done to your property. This is a very common requirement of insurance companies and aid during the local police' investigation.

Be professional in writing your crime report. Write all information based on facts and try not to be too emotional and don't give your own conclusions as to what happened. Do not write names of your suspected perpetrator/s without any hard evidence, unless asked by the police or investigator.


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