How To Write a Business Paper

Business papers are a must in everyday business transactions – business essays,trade papers, policy papers, marketing papers, and research papers. These are just but a few of the business papers that must be written well for the target audience to understand the message that must be passed on.

However, not all people can write a good business paper, and that is mainly due to poor business writing skills. For this reason, some are finding help and aid from the Internet for them to come up with good copy. Some services offer making the business paper themselves, but that may not be of great help, since they may become dependent instead of developing their own business writing skills. As the common Chinese proverb says, "Give a man a fish and he will live for a day. But teach a man how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” This is also true for business writing services online.

They may help in a particular situation, but if they help teach how to write a business paper, that is a lot better, as they will teach them how to do it for the rest of the tasks. So to be of real help, here's a guide on how to write a good business paper, specifically a white paper, since it is commonly used for business.

Writing a White Paper

A white paper is a report done by an authority, which addresses certain issues and solutions. Basically, it is an informal name used for the policies made by the government. It is a paper usually used to educate and inform customers about the product or company that they will be dealing with. In cases of transactions, it is used by various organizations to convince a certain company why they need to be chosen from the rest. It can come as an example paper, analysis paper, trade paper, policy paper or marketing paper.

The first thing that must be considered in making a white marketing paper is the target audience and the purpose, may it be to show authority over certain topics, promote awareness on an issue or trend, or simply provide information for the buyers and customers to come up with a good decision or to convince them to choose the company over its competitors.

The Body

Usually included and tackled in the body are the following:

  1. Current trend/issue. Start the body with a description of the major issues and trends in the market, after which, the effects or solutions can be discussed.
  2. Technology. Discuss and describe the technology used along with the other industries involved to come up with a well-informed decision.
  3. The service process. Show the service process for the customers to have knowledge of the company's know-how.
  4. Visual stimulators. Include these in the body as shown in graphics, images and charts. This is a good tool to break the monotony of the written text. Moreover, be sure to write a good caption.

Writing Don'ts

  1. Stay away from technical acronyms and other terms that might be too difficult to understand.
  2. Avoid complex technicalities.
  3. Take note that it is different from a manual, so as much as possible stay away from unwanted details.

There are a lot of ideas and training guidelines on how to write a business paper of various types and sorts. No matter which type you choose in writing, see to it that you have a good writing plan and outline to guide you.


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