How To Write a Communication Strategy Memo

The communication strategy memo is basically written by the company's manager or other supervisors with higher levels. The main goal is to propagate a new strategy of communication or to empower a strategy that already exists but has not been acted upon.

Memos that are written concisely make it easier for the recipient to take in the message and the contents as soon as they have received and read it. On the contrary, longer communication memos are usually held back to the time when the reader is not busy.

These are the instructions that you have to follow in writing an effective communication strategy method.

  • When constructing the first sentences or the first paragraph of your communication strategy memo, you should explain the reason or purpose of writing it. The memo will encourage the employees to be more responsive if they understand the sincere reasons for its dissemination. The  main reason of writing these letters as stated above is when the employees have been neglecting the existing policy of the company and it is somewhat affecting the quality of the job and the performances of the employees. Another reason for writing a communication strategy memo is when an incident happens. If this is the cause, briefly explain what happened and what are the actions taken to solve the problem.
  • The next part of your communication strategy memo is to review the consequences of the problem. Explain the possible complications of the employees' failure to abide the company's policies and the ramifications of the incident. Write them up in a sensible manner and understandable terms that can easily be apprehended. This part of the memo will serve as a rationalization and explanation for more actions and changes in the communication strategy.
  • Then, create a strategic plan. Write the specific actions that you want your employees to do. Write them up in a step by step basis so it can be easily understood and will be easy for the employees to follow. Present them as a set of company's new guidelines that everyone has to comply with if needed. It is a must to use understandable words and layman's term in writing a communication strategy memo so that the message will be stated clearly and no questions are needed to ask.
  • It is also important to write some additional effects that can take place. After writing the first three steps, the readers must have clearly understood the message of your memo. The next part is to provide some discussions of other possible effects of the situation. Add some essential information that the employees should know, and to stress out the relevance of abiding the new communication strategy.
  • You have to write several versions of your communication strategy memo for the different departments of your company. You have to address each memo for the specific department that you are communicating with. This can help increase the possibilities of the employees' positive compliance to the memo.

The purpose of writing these memos is to spread the information to the employees of the company. It is commonly written following a change of company's policy or after an incident. So as a general rule, stay on point, be concise, and be aware of the fact that a memo is a permanent record of your thoughts.


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