How To Write a Consumer Report

Consumer reports may not seem highly important to some people, but the truth is that they are widely used in the decision making process, and their information is very influential.  Most consumers that are contemplating a major purchase have done some type of research, and the majority has probably come from online and offline consumer reviews.  Because they serve such an important role, it is critical that authors learn how to write a consumer report appropriately.

While it is necessary to write a consumer report without gross misspellings and grammatical errors, most readers are more focused on the actual content.  Authors should be careful not to utilize words that may be difficult to understand and should cater their words to appeal to the general public.  Technical data may be included in a portion of the consumer report, but filling the whole article with such information may make it virtually impossible to read and understand.

Personal opinions may be appropriate to include when writing a consumer report, but there must be some type of disclosure that warns readers.  An author must ensure that they are not enabling personal biases to slant their writing.  Adding lines that discuss specific details about the use of a product should be included, but they also must reveal other possible uses and not necessarily just the way the author sees fit.

The inclusion of objective data is often considered to be very desirable, especially when it comes to figures that reveal performance pros and cons.  In writing a consumer report, an author must ensure that objective data is coded as such and that a reader will not mistake it for opinion.  The source of the information should be included as well as a description of how it was obtained.

Any biases that are unfair should absolutely be disclosed, and an author should consider refusing to write a consumer report that deals with a company or product with which they have some relationship.  The negative effects of writing a piece that strongly endorses an author's own interests can be severe.  Readers will find it difficult to believe anything in the remainder of the article, so an author must be very careful to avoid this type of situation.

Writing a consumer report is not necessarily a difficult task, and many authors enjoy the process immensely.  However, there must be an appropriate amount of consideration and thought put into any piece due to the fact that it probably will prove to be influential in the decisions of many consumers.


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